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Building your memories around outdoor fire pit
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Whether you’re spending quality time with family or entertaining guests, few things compare to the cozy, warm and welcoming atmosphere created by a fire pit in the backyard. In fact, fire pits are among the most popular features for enhancing an outdoor living space, according to the 2014 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects. Even better, with little experience and materials, you can build a fire pit in just a few hours.

Before rushing out to buy a variety of random landscape blocks, stones or pavers, eliminate the guess work in constructing a fire pit by using a kit like Rumblestone from Pavestone. A fire pit kit assures that all the blocks fit together correctly without any cutting, so assembly is easy, fast and foolproof. In addition, the kits come with a pit liner and screen to complete the project. The color, size and shape of a fire pit is up to each homeowner, but square and round 36-inch diameter by 12-inch high are popular options. Here are directions for successfully building your own fire pit.

Be sure to wear gloves and eye protection while you work.

Steps for building a fire pit:

Use spray paint to outline the size and shape of the fire pit on the ground. 

Remove the grass located inside the outline and level the dirt surface with a tamper.

Pour sand onto the prepared surface and use a a 2-by-4 piece of lumber to smooth the sand until it’s level.

Assemble the first row of stones for the base and use a rubber mallet to keep the fire pit level.

Repeat with the next two rows of stones.

 Insert the pit liner and screen.

QUIKRETE polyurethane construction adhesive is not required for this project, but can be placed between the layers of stone to strengthen the fire pit. For fire pits built on an existing concrete or paver patio, outline the size and shape with chalk, and disregard the step for surface preparation. Regardless of shape, size or color, a fire pit is sure to serve as a focal-point for gathering with family and friends and creating memories for many years.

For more tips, direction and information on building a fire pit or other home improvement projects with pavers or stone, visit or look for Pavestone on Facebook.