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Colorful exteriors without drop of paint
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Examples of homes with color trim accenting windows and corners. - photo by Photo Contributed
Nothing brightens a home’s personality more dramatically than brilliant color. It’s easy to freshen your home’s exterior with color trim around windows, doors or along corners. With color trim, there are endless ways you can evoke any emotion or personality you desire. Whether you wish for tranquility, elegance or modernism, it’s time to add some color to your “to-do” list.

One of the most creative new ways to beautifully set a home apart from others is with vibrantly-colored house trim. Thanks to IQm Trim by Mid-America, achieving that decidedly different look is quick and easy. This unique trim is exceptionally durable, never needs painting or maintenance and is offered in a color spectrum that is unrivaled. That’s what makes it popular with smart custom home builders, siding contractors and homeowners.

IQm Trim brings color to all the right places of the home’s exterior, from inside corners to fascia, brick mold and decorative windows. This unique trim molding brings distinctive finishing touches all across the home’s facade. Enhancing IQm’s versatility are three new additions to the line of trim. These include Brick Mold with AquaFlex Fin, 1-by-8-inch Fascia Board offered in wood grain finish with reverse-side score lines for easy ripping, and 5/4-by-2-inch Trim with Aquaflex Fin. These new components fill out a product offering which also includes 5/4-by-4-inch and 5/4-by-6-inch trim boards, with matching outside corners and universal inside corners.

Unlike painted wood and “paint-ready” PVC, IQm Trim never needs maintenance and is available in a comprehensive array of colors, making this unique edge trim the only color-through cellular PVC available in vibrant hues.

That palette is much broader than the whites and neutrals of “paint-ready” PVC trim. While whites and neutrals can be painted, this adds a financial burden in additional costs for rollers, brushes and specially-formulated PVC-suitable paints that can cost $40 a gallon.

For homes that have previously featured painted wood trim, this new option delivers an improved turnkey solution that does away with the need to ever sand, scrape and repaint trim - or worse - replace rotted, warped or termite-infested trim. With IQm, homeowners won’t have to buy a cart of paint supplies and spend a weekend on a ladder. Nor will they have to spend over a thousand dollars, plus paint costs, to have professionals paint the home’s trim. Moreover, they will never have to make those same investments in time and money every few years to recapture their home’s beauty.

Once IQm Trim is installed, it delivers decades of maintenance-free beauty with enhanced weathering performance. Protected from fading by a durable ASA cap, each of the shades retains its rich color. Starting with brilliant Polar White and ending with deep Ebony, the extensive spectrum ranges from subtle, classic inspirations to the remarkably exuberant.

The rich darkness of Espresso Brown is just one color among the several hues in the tan/brown range. Colors such as spicy Cabernet, crisp Vermont Green and striking Dusty Blue bring out bold personality. For classic sophistication, Antique Cream or Castle Grey provide outstanding accents.

Along with extraordinary color and durability, this trim provides an additional benefit to homeowners, and also to contractors. Its patented AquaFlex Fin protects a building, guiding water away from the wall to minimize the chances for water intrusion or resulting mold. An integrated 1-inch J-channel also delivers an easy, finished appearance by hiding cut edges and caulk applications that can interrupt a clean look. The J-channel also means faster, more efficient installations.

The trim’s deep pocket can accommodate a variety of siding materials including fiber cement, vinyl, stone and wood. Simple to work with, trim can be cut, drilled, nailed or fastened with screws just like other trim materials. Its unique color-through design provides seamless color even with imperfect miter cuts.

Delivering superior performance, IQm is backed by a limited lifetime warranty against peeling, flaking or blistering so remodelers and siding contractors can add color with confidence.

IQm Trim by Mid-America is a product of The Tapco Group, a U.S. Green Building Council member. For more information, visit or call 888-289-1169.