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Easy improvements equal dramatic facelift
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Home improvement projects don’t need to be difficult, and with the right tools and attitude, they can be exciting as you watch your house transform. Summer is the perfect time to look at your home to-do list and get going. Here are some easy ideas you can get started on today.

Outdoors: siding, deck and doors make a house stand out.

Painting the home exterior, sheds, fences or decks can be a challenging task. However, doing a good job now will make your entire home look great for years to come.

To ensure a good result, begin by removing dirt and other items such as leaves from the surface to be painted. Look for areas where paint is chipped or bubbled and remove with a wire brush or wide-blade putty knife. Using an electric sander can also be helpful.

When painting, use tools that are made specifically to help ease and expedite the process. The Wagner Power Painters featuring EZ Tilt helps tackle a variety of projects like painting a house, shed or fence and produces quality results. The paint sprayer applies a professional grade paint application. Any way you look at exterior painting, you can’t beat the coverage, speed and finish you get by spraying.

While you already have all your painting supplies out, grab a brush and update small details like the front door and trim.

On a beautiful sunny day, painting your house can be a joy. Throw a painting party and invite your friends over to help out. After the project is done, eat a nice dinner together to show your appreciation. Now for the rest of the year you have a beautiful house to enjoy, inside and out.

Indoors: look at walls, ceilings and furniture.

The first step is to take a look at the inside of your home and analyze which rooms need a facelift. Look at the walls for chipped or dirty paint and the ceiling for stains. Painting is an easy and cheap way to brighten your house fast.

When choosing paint colors, it’s best to look at the furniture and other pieces in the home and try to coordinate appropriately. When in doubt, light colors work best and always brighten a room. If you are feeling daring, think about trying one of the deep and beautiful colors that are popular right now in the color palettes at many paint companies.

Fill in holes and nicks with putty. Sand and prime those areas before painting. Priming helps ensure a professional looking paint job that lasts longer so it is worth your time. After walls have been primed, it’s time to apply paint.

Rollers are the preferred tool for many people because they apply an even coat and hold a lot of paint. If you are painting the ceiling, you will need a roller with an extended handle to reach the high areas and help relieve arm tension.

One roller that really saves you time when painting is Wagner’s TurboRoll battery powered roller. The TurboRoll holds paint in the handle and easily reaches 8-foot ceilings. One fill of the tube can paint an area 10 feet by 7 feet in size. It also has “Power Trigger” technology that allows the user to supply paint directly to the roller by squeezing a trigger so that they don’t have to make repeated trips to the paint tray to load up with paint. This saves time and gets the job done fast with an excellent finish.

After the paint has dried, looking at the floors is the next step. Hard flooring needs to get washed and carpets should be cleaned. Renting a carpet cleaner from your local hardware store is very economical and provides a deep clean. Get the whole family to help out and make cleaning a fun activity you all participate in.

A quick clean and perhaps reorganization of furniture, and you just gave your home an easy facelift for little cost and not a lot of time.

Home improvement and painting your house can be a joy. You can also take pride in the fact that you did it yourself. And better yet - you saved money. After the project is done, invite your friends over to showcase your great accomplishment. Now for the rest of the year you have a beautiful house to enjoy, inside and out. For more information visit