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Ideas to easily enhance, organize master closets
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So, you’ve decided to make some updates to your home? Whether you plan on building a home from the ground up, purchasing new construction or adding value to your current residence, there are many opportunities for upgrades.

You may be wondering what projects are worthwhile, and which are not? In a recent study commissioned by ClosetMaid®, 45 percent of existing home buyers noted that they have made changes to their master bedroom closet since moving in. In addition, 61 percent of new home buyers said they are considering renovating or upgrading their master closet within 18 months. When considering where to make investments in your home, don’t close the door on the closet! You can create the closet of your dreams with a few simple tips.

Add paint and update the lighting.

Bring the bedroom paint into the closet. This makes the space feel like a true extension of your bedroom, not a forgotten area that belongs behind closed doors. Great lighting is also important in a closet – it helps you to see everything clearly. Why settle for a standard light fixture when you can add a statement piece that not only provides proper light, but proper style.

Utilize more space.

Most master bedroom closets come standard with only a single shelf and rod. Since most closets have little need for so much long hanging space, professional organizer Lorie Marrero, author of “The Clutter Diet,” suggests improving your closet with the addition of double hang space.

“Don’t be shy about adding shelving up as high as you can to accommodate seasonal items and long-term storage boxes – utilize every space you can,” said Marrero. A good rule of thumb for double hang space is 84 inches for the top shelf and 42 inches for the lower shelf.

By adding additional shelves, your storage space goes from standard to functional. Adjustable systems such as ClosetMaid® ShelfTrack® create a perfect upgrade for your closet. The wire shelving and brackets can be reconfigured as needs change. 

Consider accessories.

If you plan to update your closet with a wire system, there are a multitude of perfect accessories to include such as a tie and belt rack or shoe shelves. You may also consider installing a laminate or wood system. These products can provide drawers, doors, decorative molding and more and can transform your closet into a personal haven. 

“Adding drawers into your closet system can centralize your clothing into one space,” said Marrero. “The more storage, the better.”

Investing in a functional closet organizing system can help you save time now by reducing the stress of finding items when you need them, and benefit you in the future by adding extra value to your home. After all, “standard” just doesn’t work for today’s closet.

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