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When tiny houses first became popular, they seemed to be geared towards people who were looking to shed some of the glitz and glamour of traditional living and move on to something simpler. However, as tiny houses’ popularity continued to grow, things began to change, and there were people looking at tiny houses who also wanted the experience of luxury living.

For many people who are downsizing, the lush factor is something to seriously consider when buying a house of any size. Though some people perceive tiny houses as being a little on the simple side, the reality is that these houses can also make some pretty luxurious houses. Tiny houses are proof that you don’t need to have the biggest house in the neighborhood to have the nicest house in the neighborhood. Luxury tiny houses are a great option for people who still want to have a piece of the lavish lifestyle while still trimming down to a smaller place. You may be letting go of some space, but that doesn’t mean you have to let go of your style.

It may be hard to believe, but luxurious tiny homes can have many of the same features an amenities that people are used to with traditional houses. Of course, the more luxury you want, the more you’re going to have to spend, and some of these luxuries may limit the flexibility of your house. So if you’re someone who is attracted to the idea of tiny houses because you don’t want to stay in one place for long, going with a luxury design might not be the best move for you. However, some of the more flexible luxury touches include flooring, lavish faucets, solar panels, track lighting, kitchen countertops, and light fixtures.

According to Forbes, “There are tiny homes with moving walls to expand when tiny feels too tight. One company in England, Tinywood Homes, even sells a tiny hot tub.”

 In our society, having a large house is a sign of status and that’s something most people aren’t willing to give up. On top of that, many people already feel pressed for space, and trying to figure out how to cram themselves and their belongings into something smaller seems almost impossible.

However, these days there is a shift underway, and moving into tiny houses is something that lots of people are doing by choice.  In recent years, tiny houses have become increasingly popular. Although “bigger is better” is a phrase that many people live by, tiny houses have managed to attract the attention of people all over the world despite their much smaller size. In fact, those who are willing to sacrifice a little space will find that tiny houses actually have plenty of pros that may make them well worth the downsize.

Not only are tiny houses less expensive than traditional homes, but they also come with several other great qualities that make them the perfect option. For many people, the good definitely outweighs the bad, but others struggle to see how moving into a smaller space could ever be considered any sort of upgrade.

Some of the pros of living in a tiny house include,

uAffordable. Tiny houses are generally far less expensive than larger more traditional houses. For people who want to own a home, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, tiny houses provide a fun and economical option. On top of that, utilities will also likely be lower in tiny houses due to their size.

uLess clutter. It goes without saying that living in a small space means that organization is a major key. Tiny houses force people to only keep the necessities they need for daily life and get rid of many items that are doing nothing more than taking up space.

uCozy. Who doesn’t want their house to be cozy? Tiny houses’ lack of space generally makes them have that nice comfortable and cozy feeling that many people love.

uStylish designs. When some people think of tiny houses, they automatically think that these smaller dwellings must be lacking in the style department. However, that isn’t always true. Tiny houses can come in a wide variety of styles and designs which may even allow you to let your creative side get a little exercise.

uEasy to clean. Having less space to live in means there is less space to clean. Tiny houses can have your cleaning routine chopped down to just a fraction of the time. If you’re like me, and don’t particularly enjoy cleaning, this is a pretty big pro.

Some of the cons of living in a tiny house include,

uLack of living space. This is the most obvious con of living in a tiny house. For many people, downsizing to such a small space just simply isn’t feasible. There’s no doubt that you will have to make some alterations to your life if you decide to move into or build a tiny house.  Even basic daily activities such as eating and showering may be a bit difficult due to a lack of space. If you’re the kind of person who spends a lot of time in the house, this is something you’ll definitely want to consider. No one wants to feel claustrophobic at home, but that feeling can easily come if you spend most of your day in a very tiny house.

uLack of storage space. Most of us already feel like we don’t have nearly enough space to put our stuff, so imagine what it would be like to have even less. Since tiny houses are already running low in the space department, you can expect that there won’t be much storage space of any kind. Of course, the lack of storage that comes with tiny houses will force you to get more creative with finding places to put your stuff, but that might not work for some people. For some people this might not be an issue, but for the average person who has a house or apartment full of things, not having enough storage space would certainly make the idea of a tiny house a no-go.

uLack of privacy and personal space. If you live alone this may not be much of an issue. But if you’re in a relationship or have a family, you may find that tiny houses just don’t provide enough privacy or personal space. If you’re in a bad mood and want to be left alone, good luck with that if you live in a tiny house. Having the option to isolate yourself in a certain room or part of the house may not be available.

uLocal laws and regulations. Since the tiny house trend is relatively new, many people are not well versed on some of the building and zoning requirements for tiny houses. This is why you should do your research before making a decision, but even after doing your research you may find that your city or state has regulations that may restrict some of the ideas you had for your tiny house.

Sure, tiny houses aren’t for everybody, but the more you know about them, the more you may find yourself wanting to live in one. People may think that all tiny houses are nothing but simple little shacks, but that isn’t the case. These homes can come in a wide variety of designs, each with something to offer.