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Tiny tweaks yield big results
Mirrorscapes Mirror Frames from Moen can create a stylish custom-framed look that is quick, easy and secure. - photo by Photo Contributed
Bored with your bath? While remodeling high-profile items, such as flooring, a vanity and the tub/shower, will make a big visual update ... these projects also come with a hefty budget. And, if you’re like most homeowners, you may not have the time, knowledge or budget for a major overhaul.

Luckily, in a small space, “remodeling lite,” or making tiny tweaks, can make a big difference in the style and functionality of your bath. Here are a few ideas that anyone can do within a few hours (or even minutes) - and with minimal budget - that will make the space more usable and stylish.

Unique accessories
If your bathroom is like most, you have builder-basic, chrome towel bars. To start your update, add new accessories.

“For less than $100 and an hour’s time, you can refresh your bath with new accessories,” says Tim Bitterman, group marketing manager at Creative Specialties International, the bath accessories division of Moen. “And, today’s accessories add flair to function - allowing you to also alleviate some of the most common bathroom pet peeves while you’re remodeling.”

Not replacing the toilet paper is the No. 1 pet peeve among men and women, according to a poll conducted by Moen. Why not make everyone happy in the bath by eliminating this pet peeve with Moen’s pivoting paper holder? This innovative, “why didn’t anyone think of this before” holder enables users to change the roll by simply lifting the bar - no unwieldy spring needed. And if you’re seeking a specific style, look no further than the Bradshaw, Vale or Iso collections to coordinate with your decor.

Mirror makeover
Mirrors tend to take up the majority of real estate in the bathroom ... yet they’re often unattractive and plain. Uniquely shaped, decorative mirrors are an ideal solution - however they may involve a bit of wall touch-up from the removal of your current mirror. Another option is to add a decorative frame around your current plate-glass mirror. You can measure and create a frame yourself, or simply purchase a kit, such as Mirrorscapes Mirror Frames. This unique system, which is available in five different styles and a variety of metallic and wood-tone finishes, features a unique installation system that is quick, easy and secure ... even for a novice do-it-yourselfer.

Simplify storage
The bathroom is host to many activities - which means it also needs to store a lot of “stuff.” Adding simple storage solutions, such as hooks, shelves and decorative jars can add some sanity and style to your bath ... and luckily many solutions are extremely inexpensive.

Both men and women ranked leaving clothes or towels on the floor as their second biggest pet peeve in the Moen survey, and this percentage increases when the bathroom is also shared with children.

Hooks are an ideal solution to keep items, from towels to robes, close at hand, yet off the floor. Most accessory collections offer matching robe hooks - or for a tool-free installation, try a new towel bar or shower rod hook, an S-shaped hook that fits right onto your current towel bar or shower rod.  

And, since 20 percent of men think that leaving toiletries on the counter is an annoyance, adding a shelf near the sink can be helpful to keep the vanity neat and clean. To also maintain a stylish look, use decorative jars on the shelf to conceal items ranging from cotton balls to toothbrushes.

Green with envy
When tackling your remodeling project, follow the lead of the experts at the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Their most recent report states that green tones are the new hottest trend, increasing in popularity from 14 to 24 percent of bathroom remodels in the last year. So, whether you add a splash of green to your walls or a hint with bath towels - your new stylish bath will surely be the envy of your guests.

With minimal investment - both time and money - you’ll have a bath with maximum style and functionality. For more information on Moen accessories, visit