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Tips to get your rental security deposit back
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Moving out of an apartment or rental home is hard work and often unveils inevitable wear-and-tear from living in the space. What can be even more challenging is restoring the space to its original condition in order to get your security deposit back.

Before paying professional handymen and cleaning services for repairs, there are several areas you can address on your own to help your deposit make its way back into your wallet.

“Do-it-yourself projects and repairs don’t have to be overwhelming or require paid professionals,” says Brittany Bailey, do-it-yourself and home improvement expert and blogger behind “All it takes is the right tools and a boost of confidence to DIY your rental to tip-top condition.”


Bailey recommends these easy tips for repairing minor damages resulting from moments any renter can relate to:

When odors linger in kitchens and bathrooms:

uAllow fresh air to circulate through the space by opening windows for as long as possible and using exhaust fans while cleaning.

uClean garbage disposal blades and freshen the drain by placing a few pieces of lemon peels in the garbage disposal and running water as you turn it on.

When customizing and decorating the space doesn’t go as planned:

uPatch small holes and cracks with 3M Patch Plus Primer 4-in-1 Applicator. It combines primer, spackle, a putty knife and a sanding pad into one simple tool for DIY-ers of any skill level.

uPaint walls back to their original color and use blue painter’s tape to avoid splashing color on your trim and baseboards.

When get-togethers leave a lasting impression on surfaces:

uTackle scuff marks and wall stains without sprays or cleaners by using an easy erasing pad and water to gently buff away dirt and residue from the walls.

uLift carpet stains by creating a homemade cleaner using dishwashing liquid, white vinegar, water and baking soda.

When laminate cabinets and countertops can use a facelift:

uFill mild scratches and hide blemishes by using color-matched repair pens.

uGet rid of tough stains by pouring nail polish remover on a clean white rag and gently scrubbing surfaces. (Be sure to test a small area before taking on the entire surface.)

When you’re ready to close the door and make new memories in your next home:

•    Leave on good terms with the landlord by taking out trash and cleaning as much as possible once all your belongings are packed away.

•    Stick around for the move-out inspection and confirm with the landlord when you can expect to receive your security deposit.