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Modestos Lightazmic illuminates neighborhood
One of the flashier Christmas light displays can be found on Thornhill Way in Modesto. - photo by Photo Contributed

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• WHAT: “Lightazmic” in Modesto
• FROM HIGHWAY 99: Take the Pelandale exit and head east. Travel 2.3 miles to Prescott Road and turn right. Travel 0.2 miles and take the first right to Snyder. Travel  0.06 miles and take the first right to Thornhill.

The Christmas season wouldn’t be complete without a light display, but fireworks in your own backyard? That is what Will and Wendy Solymanbeyk imagined when they wanted to AMP up the Christmas spirit at their 4004 Thornhill Way, Modesto residence.

Lightazmic is a computer-controlled Christmas light show that incorporates 238 computer channels, DMX, over 60,000 LED lights and 684 strobe lights to create a synchronized light show set to 30 holiday songs. The house even has a fireworks display containing 60 needles with a total of 127 lights per needle going off.

There is a radio transmission so that people can enjoy the spectacle from their car by tuning to 93.1 FM.

Lightazmic coordinator and homeowner Will Solymanbeyk wanted to create a spur of excitement, but never imagined that it would grow to reach public acknowledgement in the media.

“I did not expect public attention, but I did hope that neighbors would join in,” he said.

Not only is the Modesto residence a popular holiday stop for local families, but for the past three years, the home has provided support for Toys for Tots and the Salvation Army’s annual food drive.  

Many of the connections are custom made by Solymanbeyk to efficiently execute the display.

 “The set up, because I made custom connections, takes about 160 hours to put it up. That is not counting any of the programming and is not counting any of the time to make a special connection point. It makes it cleaner and faster. There are very few wires. They are concealed in special looms. It is a nicer and cleaner install with an efficient set up,” he said.

Solymanbeyk was excited to get his neighbors involved, and was proud that they stood by him to celebrate the Christmas season.

Together, the houses flicker and dance with their own unique light specification to the same tunes with the help of 30 wireless controllers and receivers, 15 of which are in Solymanbeyk’s main house. Each year, Lightazmic hopes to accommodate more houses to make the event even bigger than the year before.

 “I reserved a domain name called Lightshow Lane. Hopefully it will be more than just a road,” Solymanbeyk said about the future.

Solymanbeyk was first involved with lighting effects in grade school.

“I made a color organ that reacts to music. I did that for a Christmas tree. At some point, I decided to go animated. Now I use actual programs. It needs time and basic knowledge. Time and money are generally what stop people from doing this. I am the type of person who gets into something and keeps it up,” he said.

Though most homeowners do not have the time or money to dedicate to a homemade light show, Solymanbeyk said that the expenses are mild, costing only $100 maximum for the light bill for the entire season thanks to LEDs and efficient computer control monitors.

Solymanbeyk believes that if it makes people happy, then it is worth the effort.

“It is fun. It has brought a lot to the neighborhood. Christmas is a great time of the year. I decided, why not. It is something unique, fun and people will enjoy. I get feedback every year. People say it is part of their tradition now,” Solymanbeyk said.

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