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Planet Beach offers healing red light to combat winter blahs
Is this a time machine? Some might argue that it is. The Hydo-Derma Fusion is specifically designed to reduce elements of aging and hydrate the skin for more elasticity, beauty, and nutrients. - photo by Brooke Borba

Looking for a killer tan in the middle of winter? Ready for a summer vacation, but worried about time and money? Or do you just need an escape from the coarse winter cold? Look no further than Planet Beach Contempo Spa, a wellness center with all the amenities necessary for renewing the skin and relaxing the body.

Spa director Taura Whitehead believes that Turlock’s Planet Beach can offer something for everyone, including reducing the look of inflammation, minimizing pores, revitalizing skin cells, or easing painful body parts.

“We have a whole regime we can put together for people. Some people just want to tan, or do a full spa. Some want to stop their pain. Our spa is really good for older people with arthritis or people that suffer from different types of back or shoulder pain,” said Whitehead. “We even have a lot of men that come in here. We are very health conscious. This is for health and wellness. We are here to make people feel better and look better.”

The services range from basic teeth whitening — guaranteed to brighten your teeth four to six shades each session—to Mystic HD tanning for a healthy glow. Each service is designed to rejuvenate cells and invigorate the mind with or without UV services.

One of the most interesting pieces of machinery the Spa hosts is the Lumiere, a red light therapy facial mechanism complete with a cyber-relax massage chair. According to Whitehead, red light therapy was first developed by NASA years ago to grow agriculture in space.

“They found a secondary use for the red light; it can re-grow skin. It is an all natural healing red light and has no negative side effects. Red light therapy uses concentrated light to stimulate circulation, boost collagen production and enhance the skin’s natural ability to heal. It can produce dramatic results in just a few visits,” said Whitehead.

Turlock’s Planet Beach also houses a full body red light therapy bed due to its recent popularity. The red light helps fight acne by clearing out clogged pores and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Clients who have trouble with eczema and rosacea also find relief from the therapy; for those prone to high blood pressure, arthritis, or joint pain, red light will help ease the pain.

The device even helps lessen nervous tics and keeps mild depression at bay in the same way that natural sunlight raises serotonin levels. Winter easily increases the feeling of depression, but studies linked to light sessions of red light therapy are proven to improve moods.

Red light can take up to a week to see results, but for fast-acting facials, the UMO Facial System is guaranteed to work the very next day. The UMO uses gamma PGA drops that utilize a hydrating effect 10 times stronger than hyaluronic acid to penetrate moisture past the first five layers of the skin.

“It is my favorite, and I always try to do it when I have the time,” said Whitehead.

For dry skin, Whitehead suggests using the Hydo-Derma Fusion, a bed created to deeply moisturize skin and burn 400 to 600 calories per session. The treatment combines infrared heat and nutrient-rich dense steam which works closely to improve tone, texture, and elasticity.

Clients can choose up to four solutions of nutrients to infuse inside the chamber, including Vitamin E and C, Aloe, Mineral Melon, and Cocue 10 for anti-aging. Unlike the dry heat sauna, the Hydo-Derma Fusion uses wet heat to hydrate the skin.

Dry heat saunas are also available and include six different programs: weight-loss, cardio, relaxation, skin health, pain relief and detox.

Planet Beach also houses a massage spa usually only seen in Vegas, Monterey, and a small club of upscale wellness centers. The Aqua-Massage Spa has 36 jets of water that adhere to a fully clothed body, pushing on pressure points that knead the sores.

Still not sure if visiting the spa is for you? Try it out for free.

“We have free day passes and give it to all our clients. If it is not or you, that is okay. But we have never had anything like this in Turlock before, and we are still growing. I’m confident you’ll feel better,” Whitehead said.

For a list of membership prices or additional information, call 634-2772 or visit

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