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Webers BBQ: Mantecas best-kept secret
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Weber’s BBQ & More may be still considered “out of sight, out of mind.”

So says owner Carissa Weber, who’s been frustrated by the affects of the City of Manteca ordinance on signage.

“We need those signs since we’re tucked away in this quiet industrial area – out here there are no sidewalks or people traffic,” she said on Friday.

Still at same location of the past six years – 823 S. Mellon Ave. Manteca – Weber’s BBQ & More recently received a facelift thanks to Dale Russell, who is the owner of the property. He gave the building a fresh coat of paint to the exterior along with a revamped air conditioning unit.

Business, however, has been slow as of late. But Carissa and her husband Joe believe things will soon pick up. “We’re standing by on faith at this location,” she said.

One thing that’s been consistent is the barbecue.

In this case, Weber’s uses an old TC Barbecue wood smoker that they fondly refer to as “Ol’Cletus.”

On this day, Jerried Weber, who is Carissa and Joe’s 25 year old son, threw in pork ribs into the barbecue. “This will take three to four hours to cook,” he said.

That’s not bad compared to the beef brisket.

Joe Weber, who relies on some time-tested methods originating from Louisiana – he and his wife also share family recipes from North Carolina, Oklahoma and Kansas City – indicated that the brisket comes from the tough part of the cow.

“It’s a low, slow and long (process) to cook – about 12 to 13 hours,” he said.

But the long wait is worth it. Carissa noted that a brisket done right is not only tasty, but tender, juicy and can be cut with a fork. A little barbecue sauce can enhance the flavor.

Since Weber’s is “out of sight, out of mind,” Joe and Carissa are amazed at the online resources used by folks to find their place.

 Yelp, the review and recommendation website with contact information and directions usually piques the interest of out of towners, according to Carissa Weber. They’ve come in from places such as Sacramento, San Francisco, Fresno, Reedley ad Visalia.

Here are a few examples:  “Knowing that we have never been steered wrong by Yelp reviews, we chose to visit Weber’s BQ today after our trip to Bass Pro…Delicious food, great service and an experience above and beyond our expectations,” said Annie S. of Morgan Hill.

“Like something right out of ‘Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives’ but without the crowds…My brisket was oh so tender and juicy, with a lovely flavor-packed bark and really nicely balanced sauce,” Richard A. of Mountain View said.

Weber’s also caters. They’ve done a few functions for the NBA Sacramento Kings – the Webers are season-ticket holders – and Home Depot.

“We did Employee Appreciation and the Christmas party for the past two years,” Carissa said of the latter.

Weber’s BBQ originated in Stockton at Waterloo Road and Filbert Street when Joe Weber was laid off from his job in 2001.

They were attracted to the Manteca location some two years later, in part, because of the TC Barbecue wood smoker.

Now they’re only hoping to be rediscovered.

“In case you’ve forgotten, we’re still here. We don’t want everyone’s business. We just want your (business).