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1974: Snyder elected Manteca mayor
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100 years ago

March 13, 1914

Monday night was open season for robbers. In Manteca, the offices of the Manteca Lumber Company and the Express and Telephone Companies were entered, in each case by prying open windows. Nothing was molested in the lumber office. In the Express office, nothing was taken but the combination of the safe was tampered with, two combinations being marked.


90 years ago

March 14, 1924

The trustees of the East Union cemetery held their annual meeting at an all-day session at that old pioneer cemetery last Monday. As a part of a plan for perpetual care, a distributing system of underground pipes to convey water from the elevated tank to all parts of the grounds was installed by volunteer workers. During the day, about 1,900 feet of one-inch galvanized iron pipe was laid in trenches and covered.


80 years ago

March 15, 1934

Carl Palm, a member of the city council at various times for the past 15 years, definitely announces that he is not a candidate for re-election. He has served as mayor of the city and has given largely of his time in behalf of the city‘s interests. At the behest of many friends, James M. Toomey has entered the race to succeed Mr. Palm. Mr. Toomey has resided in Manteca 15 years, being engaged in the real estate and insurance business.


70 years ago

March 16, 1944

March 26 is the date for increased postage rates to become effective, according to the Revenue Act of 1943 and passed February 25. Letters mailed locally to city patrons will remain at one cent, while the 2-cent stamp now required for local delivery on Manteca’s two rural routes will be increased to three cents. Postal cards remain at one cent and airmail rates will be raised to eight cents.


60 years ago

March 11, 1954

Assumption by the city of garbage service was effected without interruption last week, Ron Piper, superintendent of public works reported. Because the city does not know who has and who has not contracted for garbage service, the city is collecting all garbage. Effective March 15, the garbage service will be restricted to those who have arranged for such service through the office of the City Clerk.


50 years ago

March 13, 1964

The possibility of a city-owned golf course located on North Union Road will once again come before the city council at Monday night’s regular meeting. The matter first came before the council at their March 2 meeting when Bill Johnson pointed out that long-term financing was available for such an installation.


40 years ago

March 13, 1974

Councilman Jack Snyder, 47, was elected to serve as the city’s mayor Tuesday night by fellow members of the Manteca City Council. Snyder is in his first term of office and is an executive of the Libbey-Owens-Ford glass plant in Lathrop. Councilman Mark Oliver, 31, was elected to serve as vice-mayor.


30 years ago

March 11, 1984

Homeowners in the old Magna Terra subdivision have been protesting for two years of their problem. It is that their 69 homes are built up against State Highway 99 and only a wooden fence set back 29 feet from the heavily-traveled southbound lanes separates them. The State Department of Transportation installed a barbed wire fence and later a chain link fence, saying it would protect its property by keeping small children or animals from wandering into freeway lanes.


20 years ago

March 17, 1994

Manteca Councilman Wayne Flores is planning to try again to form a citizens’ review board to examine police and city confidentiality and personnel policies. This is despite City Manager David Jinkens’ press release indicating a special counsel would look into confidentiality, litigation, discrimination and harassment within city operations. Flores, however, said confusion and too many questions will remain unanswered.


10 years ago

March 17, 2004

The extra half-cent everyone pays when they buy a taxable item in San Joaquin County may end up making the $12 million Highway 99/ Yosemite Avenue interchange possible. A deal is being reviewed by Caltrans that would use Measure K sales tax receipts to supplant previously committed state gas tax funds. Those funds were withdrawn by the California Legislature in an attempt to balance the state budget.