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514 more Woodward homes
All lots less than 6,000 square feet
A home is under construction Friday in Blossom Grove along Woodward Avenue. The new Sundance neighborhood along Woodward Avenue will add another 514 homes. - photo by HIME ROMERO/ The Bulletin

Manteca’s first single family neighborhood featuring all lots smaller than 6,000 feet under zoning changes put in place in 2012 to encourage more affordable housing is before the City Council Tuesday for final approval.

The 110-acre Sundance project envisioned by FCB Homes will also include another Manteca first — “through lots.”

There will be 51 lots facing Woodward Avenue between Union Road and Airport Way. The homes will face Woodard Avenue but driveways and garages will be accessed by an interior street. Plans call for the rear yard setbacks to be shallower than normal in exchange for upgraded architectural features and decorative fencing to blend in with homes facing the street to the north. The lots will have a deeper than normal setback from Woodward Avenue. The 51 lots will consist of 5,700 square feet.

Originally approved in 2007, the altered project located on land that borders Woodward Avenue starting roughly a quarter mile east of Airport Way and a quarter mile west of Union Road will consist of 514 homes as well as a 3.88-acre commercial parcel along the extension of Atherton Drive. There also are two parks planned.

In addition to the lots facing Woodward Avenue there are 115 5,500-square-foot lots, 114 5,000-square-foot lots, and 129 4,500-square-foot lots. The smaller lots will have a shallower setback from the street.

For years, the smallest lot in low density Manteca neighborhoods was 6,000 square feet.

All homes will have a 10-foot-wide “parkway” planted with shade trees between the street and five-foot sidewalks.

The Woodward Avenue through lots will also have a 10-foot parkway with trees in back but the sidewalks will be slightly smaller at four feet wide.

All driveways will be 20 feet from the sidewalk to the garage whether they are the through lots or other lots.

The 4,500-square-foot lots will have a 12-foot setback from the home to the sidewalk and 15-foot rear yards. The 5,500-square-foot lots will have a 15-foot front setback and 15-foot rear setback.

The Woodward Avenue facing lots will have a 15-foot setback to the front porch and a 20-foot setback to the house. That includes a two-foot high slope immediately behind the sidewalk. They will have a two-car garage that blocks the view of the rear yard — that is actually to the side of the home — from the street. Homes on the lots will typically have a two-story plan averaging 2,400 square feet with three bedrooms plus a den (or fourth bedroom) and three bathrooms.

The 5,000-square-foot lots will have one-story homes typically 1,875 square feet with three bedrooms and a den (or a fourth bedroom) along with three bathrooms.

The 4,500-square-foot lots will typically have a home of 2,595 square feet with a two-story plan with three bedrooms and a den (or a fourth bedroom) with three bathrooms.

Atherton Drive will be extended eastward from its current terminus east of Airport Way. The commercial will go north of Atherton Drive along the 120 Bypass.

Sage Sparrow Hawk Drive will be extended eastward to Atherton Drive. A roundabout will be placed along the street’s extension to slow down traffic.

Existing streets being extended to the south are Sage Sparrow Avenue, Bluebird Avenue, and Red Ribbons Lane.

The existing Dutra Park will be expanded.

The City Council meeting is Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Civic Center, 1001 W. Center St.