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Bed bug notice puts big bite in Drains claim
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Did Manteca Unified School District trustee Ashley Drain lie on her declaration of candidacy statement as well as Form 700 required to disclose real property, investments and where candidate and elected officials live?

 Paperwork that Drain filed and signed on Aug. 6, 2014 under penalty of perjury originally listed her legal residence being in the 600 block of Verda Drive in Manteca. That was then crossed out and replaced with a street address in Weston Ranch, the trustee area that she was filing papers to run to represent.

 However, paperwork that Drain posted to her Facebook page clearly states that she and her husband Justin were living on Aug. 6 at the Gleason Park Apartments in Stockton.

It is a notice on Aug. 11, 2014 from property management of the Stockton apartment complex reminding the couple of a previous notification on Aug. 8 — two days after she signed candidacy documents swearing she was living in Weston Ranch — indicating Advanced Pest Control would be “entering your home for heat treatment of bed bugs” on Tuesday, Aug. 12, between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.

 She posted the following along with a photo of the notice of entry, “Looky!!! They put this on my door without knocking!!! Welllllp.. what does THAT look like to you? So what about my neighbors? What about my entire complex?????”
 When asked about whether she lived in the apartments prior to the election, she contended she had moved out by the time the bed bug infestation treatment was taking place and was merely sticking up for tenants.

 A complaint about Drain’s possible violation of election laws was made to the Secretary of State’s office. While it isn’t clear whether she is under actual scrutiny, a Secretary of State investigator was checking on fellow board member Alexander Bronson who listed the same exact Manteca address that Drain claimed to live at before suddenly deciding she lived in Weston Ranch while living near Central Stockton.