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Im still alive, dude
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San Joaquin County Superior Court Judge Tony Agbayani told those attending Manteca Rotary’s Law Day luncheon on Tuesday at Isadore’s Restaurant of an encounter he had recently while walking late at night in Stockton

The Manteca resident noted that a hooded figure approached him as he walked.

“He stopped in front of me and said the one word (a judge) doesn’t want to hear while walking alone at night from a stranger — ‘judge’?” Agbayani said.

The stranger then told Agbayani that he was the judge who spoke at his Every 15 Minutes drunken driving crash re-enactment and funeral two years previously at Franklin High.

“Did you like it?” the judge said he asked as the young man pulled his hoodie down.

The young man gave Agbayani a quick look.

“I’m still alive, dude,” the teen said before pulling his hoodie back up and walking away.