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Boxing: Staying fit, building confidence
Richard Perez working with two young students. - photo by MONCIA CANE/ The Bulletin

Nearly two years ago, professional boxing coach Richard Perez opened his own gym, Richard Perez Boxing Gym located at 212 N. Main St. in Manteca with dreams of teaching students of all ages and skill levels the sport of boxing. 
Now with over 275 students, Perez is seeing his dreams come true.
 Having trained pro boxers such as Tony Dominquez and Rodney Jones along with pro Mixed Martial Arts fighters Nick and Nate Diaz, Ronda Rousey and many others has earned Perez the reputation of being one of the best boxing coaches around. Despite all the accolades Perez admits “I’m just a regular guy.  It’s God who gives me the ability to coach.”
 Using his God-given abilities is making an impact not only with the professional fighters that train at his gym but with his students from the community.
 Perez shares a few stories:
 “I had a couple kids who were getting in trouble a lot, getting in fights and having problems.  They came here with their pants sagging but I let them know they couldn’t come in here sagging and that they had to respect my gym.  I worked with them, I trained them and now they are good fighters. They don’t get in any trouble any more. They are confident and more positive.  One of the kids who was going to Calla straightened out a lot and was able to go back to Manteca High.  
 “Another kid was being bullied and it’s not that we want him to fight but after coming here a few months, when the bully picked on the boy again, the boy was confident enough to stand up to him.  He popped the bully right in the nose.  The bully never bothered him again after that.” 
 Working closely with his students, he lets them know that boxing isn’t about starting trouble but about building confidence, self -respect and knowing how to defend yourself.
 Perez begins training students at 5 years old and while he has many young students, he also has a number of students well into their 50s and 60s, including one husband who was 81 years old along with his wife was 75.
Regardless of age, people often take an interest in boxing because they are shy, have been picked or are leaning towards becoming a professional fighter, however other reason people opt for boxing is for the fact that a boxing workout builds stamina and is a powerful calorie burner.
 Cosmopolitan Magazine is noted as saying, “Boxing doesn’t just look fierce — it delivers. Get your gloves in the ring to burn about 727 calories in an hour.”
 That is a whole lot of calories to burn during one workout. 
 But what does a boxing workout look like?  While it varies from person to person based on age, weight, body type and experience, a boxing workout at Perez’ gym looks something like this:
 For the beginners:
Four 3 minute rounds on a heavy bag
Two 3 minute rounds on a double end bag
One 3 minute rounds on the mitts with a coach
Two 3 minute rounds on a speed bag
Two 3 minute rounds of jumping rope
Two 3 minute rounds of shadow boxing
 For the more advanced:
Six 3 minute rounds on a heavy bag
Three 3 minute rounds on a double end bag
Three 3 minute rounds on the mitts with a coach
Two 3 minute rounds of jumping rope
Three 3 minute rounds of shadow boxing
Two 3 minute rounds on a speed bag
3-sets of 6 or more reps with weights
Followed by time on the Treadmill and Stair Master
And If taking one of Perez’ boxing classes, incorporating that into the workout as well.
 Perez makes a point of getting to know each and every person’s abilities before training in order to best meet their needs and also to avoid unnecessary injuries.
 “When people come into the gym I talk to them.  I get to know them and ask if they’ve done any sports.  I want them to go at their own pace, start slow and then move up so they won’t get injured.”
Presently Perez is working with pro MMA fighter Nathan Diaz at the gym preparing him for an upcoming fight as well as working with a few students who will be competing in a tournament put on by USA Boxing on March 12 in Livingston, in which world champion Evander Holyfield will be there to make a special appearance.
 Whether young or old, shy and wanting to learn how to defend yourself or simply wanting to burn calories through a powerful boxing workout, Richard Perez Boxing Gym is a great place to be. For more information call (209) 647.4330.
Gym access hours are Monday through Friday from 2 to 8 p.m. Adult and kids classes are available,.