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Circus in Manteca thru Sunday
Ramos Circus trainer Martha Soliz gets a smooch from “Adula” camel as the circus sets up to open today on East Yosemite Ave. - photo by HIME ROMERO


• What: Ramos Bros, Circus
• Location: East Yosemite Avenue, between Grocery Outlet / Dollar Tree shopping center and McDonald’s.
• Dates: Oct. 14 through 25
• Times: Monday through Friday, 7:30 p.m.; Saturday, 5, 8 p.m.; Sunday, 2, 5, and 7:30 p.m.
• Cost: general admission $20, front view $25, box seat $30, children $10.
• Information: 1-877-726-6705.
• Website:

Jessica Ramos grew up under the big top.

As one of several performers of the Ramos Bros. Circus, she’s featured in the opening act, doing a balancing act atop the metallic sphere.

“I do a little bit of everything,” said Ramos, 25. “I was 15 when I first went on the (flying) trapeze.”

She’s part of a family business that has entertained children of all ages while under the big top for over a century.

The Ramos Bros. Circus is among the few in this entertainment industry that travels from town to town, staying weeks at a time – from January to November – while using good old-fashion manpower to construct and take down the tent.

The circus can be found between McDonald’s Restaurant and the Grocery Outlet /Dollar Tree shopping center on East Yosemite Avenue, Manteca.

The Ramos Bros. will kick things off today through Oct. 25.

Featured will be jugglers, clowns, horses, motorcycle daredevils, and acrobats.

“The elephants are the stars of our show,” Jessica Ramos said on Wednesday.

This edition of the Ramos Bros. Circus is based in Las Vegas. Included are 13 family members including Jessica Ramos.

Between performances, she divvies her time working the concession stand and managing the circus animals.

They spent the past few weeks in Fairfield and, from here, will go to Watsonville before heading south to the Los Angeles area.

“What we try to do (in scheduling the circus) is run from the heat,” said Jessica, who wasn’t too concerned about this week’s warm conditions.

The two-hour performances are conducted during the evening on weekdays when temperatures usually cool down.

The history of the Ramos family’s involvement in the circus dates back to 1902. They worked as acrobats.

In 1915, the Ramos Colorado was featured in Circus Mignon in Mexico City, with the first generation of artists composed of Juan, Isabel and Manuel Ramos.

Manuel and his seven sons – Ignacio, Andres, Pascual, Albino, Manuel, Antonio, and Gambino Ramos Pinedo – made up the second generation of performers.

“We’re the sixth generation of performers,” Jessica Ramos said.

She’s the daughter of Bernardo Ramos, who was a catcher for the flying trapeze artists. He was injured and now manages from the sideline.

The Ramos family is hoping that the East Yosemite Avenue location will attract more circus goers. Not that last year’s location in the open field on North Main Street near Northgate Drive hurt business.

“We actually did OK over there,” recalled Jessica Ramos. “But we were looking at this location (a year ago) and now we’re thrilled to be here.”

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