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Connecting volunteers with service projects
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A long time community leader of 30 years – Charlie Gay – introduced “” to Ripon Rotarians, telling them how they can find volunteers through a new online source to help them reach their goals.
Gay has served as a planning commissioner and city councilman for Ripon. He spoke before the Ripon Rotary  during a recent meeting at the Spring Creek Country Club.
He explained that “JustServe”  links volunteers with projects sponsored by humanitarian and governmental agencies, churches and civic groups.  Members of the public can register at and then search for nearby projects where they can volunteer. Citizens can also find humanitarian projects that they can do at home.
Gay explained that the JustServe movement follows the Biblical admonition to “Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself” providing opportunities to help relieve suffering, care for the poor and needy and enhance the quality of life in the communities across the nation.
“In every community there is work to be done,” Gay said. “When we are helping others I think we find our life to become more fulfilling.  As volunteers we can work side by side with others.  Those who are happiest are those who have done for others.  It brings great joy as well getting young people involved and it is a great challenge to them.”
Gay noted that the service program is new in the Ripon and Manteca areas but people can go online and scroll down on the computer website seeing hundreds of projects that need help in many nearby the communities beyond Ripon.
He said it is a perfect option for program needs of service clubs and non-profits such as Ripon’s Main Street Day or Color the Skies, and Rina’s Run efforts that are always in need of more volunteers to carry off the local programs.
“If you have a community project, it’s easy to post your needs,” he said. 
“We’re in a world that is rapidly changing,” he added, “and we all need to work together for the better. When you can change one person’s life, you can change society.”
His message to the Ripon Rotary and to the community in general:  “You’re needed. Sign up today to start making a difference in the community.  You’ll get email notifications when new projects are posted in the area where you live.”
Working together we can all make our communities even better, he noted.

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