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Debra Long keynote speaker for Womens Connection Wednesday
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Debra Long
“Don’t spend your time being miserable – don’t take time for granted!”

These are the words of Debra Long, the featured keynote speaker at the upcoming  Women’s Connection set for Wednesday noon, April 15, at The Emory on West Yosemite Avenue.

Long founded “Million Dollar Minds” to help others in the workplace – created on the principle that we all have a natural right to live prosperous lives, and it is her goal to assist members of her audience to achieve this lifestyle.

She  stresses that in today’s world we all need to focus on the present – what we are doing for others – that will actually make a difference for everyone.   How to master the moment and how to master  your fears is Debra’s message.

“Life can become hard, stressful, difficult and hopeless until we are paralyzed with negative emotions,” she said.

This energetic speaker will emphasize that we must put the fun, hope and joy back into life – along with the excitement and the thrills we once knew.  “It has to be self-generated,” she said.

Debra Long seriously cares about other people, a character trait that is quickly recognized by members of her audience.  Being a motivational speaker is a new chapter in her career that has evolved from years of real estate and management experience.

She has been known to strike up conversations with people in grocery store check-out lines when she has noticed someone who seems to be down on themselves.  
With the downturn in the economy,  she said she finds everyone on the defensive right now – “people are very defensive,” she said.

“We listen to others through filters – few are ready to listen,” she said.

Long further explained that people react out of fear.  Fear is their underlying inhibitor that is charged by negative current events, and stimulated by reactions.  “We feed the fear and continue to feed it until we are paralyzed by negative emotions,” she said.

She began her real estate career in 1984 working for George Dadasovich at Yosemite Realty in the 700 block of East Yosemite Avenue.  She went on to manage a series of title companies in Lodi, Stockton and Manteca.  She found herself continually worrying about the state of her staff members.    

Long came from a family of six children.  At the age of six she remembers telling her dad that she was moving to California from their home in the Midwest.  It took a few years before she could realize her dream.

“If I can get one person to step out of their space of fear, and move forward with their own life, and with their family’s lives, I will have accomplished something big,” she said.

“Fear goes so deeply in our lives,” she said.  “Being able to identify someone being locked into fear is so very important.”

She added that women must also recognize when they are reacting to the menopause in their day-to-day routine  rather than to the negative elements that contribute to their fears.   

Too many people are so worried about themselves – “the me-me-me syndrome” – that they don’t look out for the other person, for their fellow human beings.  She said she fears some women are cutting off their compassion for others due to their frustrations.

“Fear is paralyzing – overcome it,” she stressed.

The Women’s Wellness and Leadership Conference is being presented by the Manteca Convention and Visitors’ Bureau, and Doctors Hospital of Manteca.

The two-hour event begins at 11 a.m. and is complete with lunch and a tradeshow.  The cost is $25.  Tickets and information are available at the Manteca Convention and Visitors’ Bureau at 823-7229.