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Doctors Hospital adds serenity garden for quiet meditation
DHM-garden-DSC 7814 edited-1
Doctors Hospital staffers responsible for constructing a new Serenity Garden in the center of the hospital on East North Street securing two grants from Tenet Corporation toward the $12,000 project. They are seated, from left Brenda Hobbs who wrote the grant requests and Jay-R Diaz with Plant Operations. Back row, from left, also with Plant Ops, are Fernando Ortiz, Mike Strong and Ron Cookson. - photo by GLENN KAHL

Doctors Hospital of Manteca has added a “Serenity Garden” inside their facility to provide patients and families a place for quiet reflection.

It has been designed with native and drought-tolerant trees, flowers, shrubs and groundcover along with a fountain that uses recycled water. 

Human resources specialist Brenda Hobbs wrote the application to parent corporation Tenet Health Care in the Enviro-Muscle Wellness Challenge. The judges’ panel was impressed with the staff’s efforts and appreciated the hard work of the Plant Operations staff to support the environment and the Manteca facility.

“I am personally passionate about the project as I believe our patients, visitors and staff will benefit from a quiet, peaceful environment amidst the natural cacophony of a busy hospital,” said Doctor’s CEO Nicholas Tejeda.

The garden consists of Japanese Maple trees, shrubs, vines, and ground cover including Heartleaf Bergenia, Japanese Boxwood, Lavender Trumpet Vines, Smooth Hydrangea, Big Blue Lily Turf, Chinese Fringe Flower, Crème de Mint Tobira, Iceburg Shrum Rose, No Bloom Lamb’s Ears, Asian Jasmine and Dwarf Periwinkle.

Climbing trellises have been installed against the south wall that will better enhance the climbing plants when the plants have reached maturity.  The garden is just off the main hallway in the hospital where it is frequented by late afternoon Delta breezes. 

All of the plants, other than the Japanese Boxwood, are considered soft plants that move with the breeze and provide a relaxing atmosphere.  The greenery in the drought friendly garden helps to purify the air around the garden.  The water fountain is not only a visually stunning centerpiece in the garden, it provides wonderfully soothing sounds while using recycled water, according to staff.