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CHP shares traffic stop techniques
pic chp-stop-2
Officer Angel Arceo provides students with information on his CHP vehicle. - photo by VINCE REMBULAT
Officer Angel Arceo, who is a spokesman for the California Highway Patrol, went through the steps of making a basic traffic stop.

At first, the process looked easy to students in Joe Waller’s Careers in Law Enforcement class on Monday.

“Some of my students found out that it’s anything but,” said the Regional Occupational Program instructor at Lindbergh School and New Vision School in Weston Ranch.

Next week, his students in all three of Waller’s classes will again have a chance to apply the information provided by Arceo and fellow CHP officer Jose Alatorre.

“Expect everything and expect nothing,” said Arceo, who also shared information with students on his CHP vehicle.

Since the life of an officer is always at risk, Arceo showed some of the safety precautions taken during a stop.

“Never turn your head (away from the vehicle),” he said.

That was one of many tips Arceo provided to the young group during the day.

Students will have to do their best in retaining the lessons provided by CHP, Waller noted. “They’ll find out quick that there’s nothing routine about a traffic stop,” he said.