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Two strongest schools for test scores were on possible list of campus closures
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Nile Garden and New Haven were among the Manteca Unified sites on the possible closure list when the superintendent’s budget reduction committee met last fall.

The two rural schools became the toast of the district when the state Department of Education released the Standardized Testing And Report earlier this week.

New Haven had a district-best 831 score in the Academic Performance Index while meeting the school-wide and subgroup targets set forth by the federal Accountability Progress Report.

The state API is based on several standardized tests given to students in grades 2 through 11 during the academic year. The scores here range from 200 to 1,000, with 800 being the state’s performance goal.

“We’re the leader of the pack,” said Nancy Sanguinetti Franzia, who is an officer for New Haven’s Community Club. “You don’t close your strongest school in the district.”

On Friday, Sept. 25, New Haven will have a STAR celebration with plans by the Community Club to include a school-wide flag salute in the morning and a barbecue lunch.

Nile Garden had an API of 815 after coming a point short of 800 that previous year.

Meanwhile, school officials at Stella Brockman were surprised by the 30-point jump to 808.

“It took a lot of hard work from all those involved,” Principal Candace Espinola said.
She added that Stella Brockman’s API efforts inspired hope for those schools in the district in the 780 range. This includes Neil Hafley (785), Joshua Cowell (785), French Camp (782), Mossdale (782), and Golden West (780).

Walter Woodward also made big strides in its API scores, going from 760 to 795.

Woodward fell shy of joining Veritas (816), McParland (823), Brock Elliott (825), Stella Brockman, Nile Garden and New Haven in this year’s 800 club.