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Ex-Mantecan rocks with hip hop group
Dragon G (former Manteca resident Gary Mullins) rocks the mic during a performance. - photo by Photo Contributed
It’s been nearly 15 years since the Kolor Blind Souljas – a Northern California hip hop group with extensive roots in Manteca – formally came to pass.
And now they’re trying to ride the music train all the way to the top.

Since they trimmed down to only five members, the group has secured representation in order to help them branch out to places that they’ve never played before, including Southern California last week with hopes that they’ll attract a new audience and radio air-play.

“When we get up on stage and rock it, we want everybody coming up to the stage and dancing,” said Manteca native Gary Mullins – known by his stage name of Dragon G. “We played a show at the Terrace Nightclub recently, and except for someone from Florida, we were the only Northern California group represented – and the crowd was really getting into what we were putting down.”

What started off as a 10-plus person group has since dwindled down to five – including original KBS member Spike Woods – and all are in it to promote their music and hopefully draw in both new fans as well as the respect of the record companies.

But it’s not going to be an easy road to wind their way up.

With so many different acts out there, KBS will have to distinguish itself from the pack by getting as much exposure as possible. Whether it’s driving all night to get down to Southern California, or pushing their freshly-cut six-track EP for record companies or their two-track EP for radio stations, they’re willing to do whatever is necessary to make that next leap.

“It’s definitely not an easy industry to crack your way into,” Mullins said. “But what I love about what we have is that everybody feeds off of everybody else – we complement each other and make our sound as good as can be. It’s a lot like playing football, where you get out there and read-and-react and the adrenaline takes over, and that’s what the fans pay to come out to see.”

Also joining the lineup is Anthony Riccardi (Pain MZ), Woods, Jennifer Grant (Mz. Jae), and Miguel Siguera (Vicious.)

And it was in high school that the name Kolor Blind Souljas was first born – a progressive title for a hip-hop group that included members from places such as Oakland and Union City in addition to the Central Valley.

“We had members at the time that used to be in gangs, and we wanted to make it clear that we don’t bang anymore,” Mullins said. “It doesn’t matter whether you’re claiming blue or red or any other color – we respect the game, but we’re not like gangsters. But that doesn’t mean that mean that we’re not to be respected by everybody.”

KBS will next take the stage on Thursday, July 8, at will soon be Club Vibe in Stockton (the building is currently in transition.)