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Birth leads to hospital engagement
An engagement ring placed over the babys index and ring fingers was a surprise for a new mother at Doctors Hospital Monday morning. Ashley Roth was returned to her room after a hearing test to find the ring making her engagement official to the babys father David Alvarado, a paramedic who helped deliver the seven pound, 15 ounce girl on Sunday. - photo by GLENN KAHL

It was an unexpected and emotional engagement party at Doctors Hospital Monday morning for a Manteca couple that’s been together for some six years. 

Ashley Roth and David Alvarado greeted their new daughter Teegan Irene Alvarado at the hospital at 7:48 a.m. Sunday.

David Alvarado, a paramedic with St. Joseph’s Ambulance in San Rafael, was in the delivery room when the 7 pound, 15 ounce little girl decided it was time to meet the world. The doctor hadn’t arrived yet so he aided the nurse, Carol Devers, in delivering his daughter.

While the new mom was in another part of the hospital Monday morning for a hearing test, Alvarado placed an engagement ring over the baby’s middle and index fingers tied gently with a pink ribbon as she lie in her bassinet. When the new mom returned to her room, she spotted the ring and David proposed to her at her bedside.

Her 11-year-old daughter Autumn was there to witness the happy event and was seen smiling with approval. The McParland School student had even more excitement during the recent weeks when she got to help her family pet deliver two puppies. 

Ashley said they will be calling the baby “Tia” for short explaining that Teegan mean “Little Poet” and her middle name Irene means “Peace.” They each have one child, Ashley’s daughter and David’s son. 

 “It’s all about his, mine and ours,” she said smiling.

As for both daughters’ names, she added, “I like things more unique. That’s why I named my girls as I did.”

David said he sang to their daughter in the womb and the infant seemed quieted more by his voice and song before and after she arrived. 

“She likes Elvis and she likes Percy Slick,” he said. 

The new mom agreed about the pre-birth serenades from the dad while the baby was still in her tummy. 

“She would move with the music,” Ashley said.

David added, “She quiets down (even now) when she hears my voice.”

In addition the couple had just purchased a new home in Manteca.