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Council snips attempt to require mandatory dog fixing
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The City of Manteca won’t decree that dog owners get their animals fixed.

Pits bulls and related breeds will remain as the only dogs facing mandatory spaying and neutering in Manteca after the council Tuesday rejected a plan to extend that requirement to all dogs.

Mayor Willie Weatherford believes such an ordinance would only penalize responsible pet owners who license their dogs while allowing those that create the problem to avoid any consequences. If an unlicensed dog was picked up and the owner didn’t want to comply and pay up to $150 to have the dog neutered or spayed, the city would be forced to destroy it or find another home for the dog.

Councilwoman Debby Moorhead said she was adamantly opposed but added that she “wished this applied to cats too” noting many callers thought it was unfair to single out dogs when stray cats are just as big a problem.

Councilman John Harris said it would be a major headache for animal control to enforce.