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Ripon mayor next chairman for Council of Governments
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RIPON – Chuck Winn will soon serve as the chairman of the San Joaquin Council of Governments.

He was voted to the rotating post at Tuesday’s Ripon City Council meeting. Winn has served on SJCOG since 2005 – he’s currently the vice chairman – and will take over from Stockton Mayor Ann Johnston this summer.

“This will be Ripon’s turn to chair (SJCOG),” said Mayor Elden “Red” Nutt, who was initially penciled in but lacked the two-year experience necessary for the county agency post for planning, financing and coordinating transportation.

Nutt, instead, will serve on the San Joaquin Council of Governments and Local Agency Formation Commission or LAFCO. Councilman Dean Uecker was appointed as his alternative.

The Council hopes that Winn, who recently completed his two-year mayoral term, can benefit the City of Ripon as the SJCOG chairman, in particular, Measure K.

Passed in 1990, Measure K is the ½-cent sales tax dedicated to transportation projects in the county. Included is the groundwork for two decades of funding for a system of improved highways and local streets, new passenger rail service, regional and interregional bus routes, park-and-ride lots, new bicycle facilities, and railroad crossings.

“We’re hoping that this position with COG will gain more Measure K money for Ripon,” Councilman Charlie Gay said.

The SJCOG chair is a rotating post among the county cities, with Ripon last having that honor in 2002. Winn is scheduled to serve the one-year term, from July 1 to June 30, 2012.

Nutt was also appointed to the Central Valley Division of League of California Cities and the City Council’s Legislative Response Committee.
Winn, in addition, was named to the SJ Integrated Waste Management Task Force’s Solid Waste Committee, the Air District-wide City Selection Committee, and City Council’s Landscape Clean-up Committee for forclosed homes.

Councilman Garry Krebbs was appointed to the Board of Supervisor’s Advisory Water Commission and the City Council’s Housing and Loan Committee, Downtown Redevelopment Committee, and the Green Committee, to name a few.

Gay will serve on several committees, including the Audit Review while Uecker will have a seat on both the Special Needs Playground Committee and the Fireworks Show Committee.