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Workshop targets fixing dogs
Publics chance Monday to shape municipal dog policy
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• The following is a result of the reader poll at on whether people favor mandatory neutering and spaying of all dogs in Manteca:

NO: 62

YES: 39

• The current question at is whether readers supported the City of Manteca spending tax dollars on an employee recognition dinner given the pending municipal deficit.

If Manteca Animal Control  picks up your stray dog for wandering the streets you may have to pay in excess of $100 to have it spayed or neutered in addition to impound fees and paying for a license if you do not have one.

That is essentially how a proposed mandatory neutering and spaying law would work for all dogs over six months of age within Manteca’s city limits – except licensed show dogs, livestock dogs, police dogs or assistance dogs. The other exception would be breeders licensed by the city.

Public input for the proposed ordinance will take place Monday, March 30, at 6 p.m. in the council chambers at the Civic Center, 1001 W. Center St. Police Chief Dave Bricker is seeking input on how best to craft such a regulation.

The council is considering the mandatory spay and neutering in a bid to reduce unclaimed dogs from being destroyed at the animal shelter or stray dogs impregnating other dogs.

City officials estimate there are 20,000 dogs in Manteca of which just fewer than 3,000 are licensed. To obtain a license or to renew a dog license you’d have to prove your dog has been neutered or spayed.