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He enjoyed me time for his feet
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His feet may not be perfect but they are still a far cry from before. - photo by VINCE REMBULAT

My feet recently took a beating.

Since my last pedicure – or should I say my first-one ever in early April – I’ve ran a half-marathon and logged in a couple of hikes including Kings Canyon / Sequoia National Park. The latter produced a few toe-jamming moments along the rocky trails.

Furthermore, my feet during this time of year are exposed to the elements, especially on the hot, hot days. How relaxing is it to slip into a pair of sandals after, say, playing on the beach, jumping into the swimming pool, or after a long bike ride?

Come to think about it, my feet have taken a beating for years.

Good shoes matter. Try playing basketball on the black hardtop with guys who not only tower or outweigh you but also have a tendency of stepping on your toes.

Bruised, black toenails are an ungodly sight.

With that said, I can safely say that my feet were desperate need of pampering.

That’s when I dropped in at one of the local nail spa for a regular pedicure with the hot rock massage treatment – this increases blood circulation – and the hot towel during foot cleansing. For a little bit extra, you can get paraffin wax for smoother feet not to mention the callus treatment.

I was placed in a large, reclining chair with vibrating features to relax the back and legs. As for clients, no surprise that I’m the only guy here.

I read in that guys can benefit from having regular session.

Some of the reasons to stick your feet in a whirlpool-like basin while a profession goes to work on them include:

• Improves foot health. Dirty feet can be breeding grounds for bacteria with a pedicure doing away with the gunk stuck under your toenails.

• Helps release stress. OK, I’ll admit that I was so relaxed during my pedicure that a nap sure sounded good. For that moment, all my worries were placed on hold.

• Removes foot odor. Pedicures mean removing dead skin along with dirt and bacteria from your feet. I also take regular showers at my gym, which is a cesspool for all that bad stuff.

• Makes you look and feel good. Women are attracted to guys who take pride in personal hygiene, so I’m told.

Perhaps I only glanced at the “5 Reasons Why…” online story in an attempt to justify my existence at that point. 

Truth be told, I was enjoying some “Me” time.