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Rush is on to finish Christmas shopping
Shoppers were busy buying gifts Friday.

Sean Copeland wanted to make sure that he hammered out his holiday shopping before he officially started his weekend.

So before heading home to put on his favorite sweat pants Friday evening and get caught up on the television shows he missed throughout the week, the Bay Area systems analyst grabbed his Christmas list and headed out to Kohl’s. He hoped to get gifts for his nieces and nephews and pick up a little something extra for himself at the same time.

And he was glad to be doing it just a stone’s throw from his home.

“I used to have to stop on my way home from work or drive to Modesto, and the crowds both of those places were horrendous,” he said. “I don’t have to deal with that now and it’s nice. I can say that I don’t mind holiday shopping this year, and that’s not something that you’d have heard me say just a few years ago.”

Welcome to the holiday shopping season in Manteca.

While local residents used to have to travel to neighboring cities to complete their holiday shopping, the influx of retail has allowed many to keep their money local without having to sacrifice what’s on their list.

Best Buy, Walmart and Target all opened early this year for Black Friday sales. According to one retail worker – who asked not to be identified because she didn’t have permission to speak – sales have been constant since throwing open the doors that morning.

Sales have increased in double digits in every category over last year since even before Thanksgiving with over $50 billion pumped into the economy thus far based on data collected by comScore Inc..

Manteca’s Guess Outlet opened their doors on Black Friday as well and welcomed customers with huge cuts to their discounted prices.

Having all of those options right in her backyard was enough for Dawn Clayton who had already finished up most of the shopping she needed to tackle but was still browsing for a few things Friday night that would suit her tech-savvy son.

“It’s great to have stores like this here in Manteca. I don’t have to drive to Stockton or Modesto for this anymore or buy online,” she said. “I’m able to hit the three or four stores that I need to in order to get my shopping done in the same day when the sales are on. Then I’m home in five minutes.

“You really can’t beat that.”