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Towneplace Suites by Marriott Hotel in Ripon was recently added to the City of Ripon’s Economic Incentive Program. Construction has not yet started on the 91-room, four-story project.

Towneplace Suites by Marriott Hotel is now part of the City of Ripon’s Economic Incentive Program.

The Ripon City Council approved the hotel chain’s participation at the June 14 meeting.

Construction has not yet started on the 54,382-square-foot, 91-room, four-story project approved several months ago by the Planning Commission.

“For some time now, the City Council has desired to and has taken steps to increase the City’s economic position by becoming more competitive with our surrounding communities when it comes to non-residential growth,” said Planning Director Ken Zuidervaart in his staff report.

He added that another main objective of elected leaders was the effort towards changing Ripon’s negative image in the development community, in particular, on non-residential development.

“Change of this magnitude and improving Ripon’s reputation in the development community takes some tine and as such, the City Council has taken many steps in improving Ripon’s image over the past five to seven years,” Zuidervaart said.

With the adoption of this resolution, Towneplace Suites by Marriott Hotel becomes the third business that will utilize the Economic Development Incentive Program.

As for the financial impact, Zuidervaart noted: “Delay in General Fund revenue as the first $416,426 of transient occupancy tax (also known as the bedroom tax) revenue generated by Towneplace Suites will be used to replenish the Public Facilities Financing Plan capital funds over the next three to five years.”

The Townplace Suites, once completed, will feature a breakfast / food area, two meeting rooms, guest laundry area, a fitness room, and a swimming pool, with extended stay options being available to occupants.

The location of the hotel will be along Highway 99 just off the Main Street ramp next to Angle Petroleum.

Each room will have studio accommodations consisting of a small kitchen / food prep area within the suites.

The exterior of the building will be predominantly stucco with different colors and finishes to accent the building.

The construction build-out for this Marriott hotel will take about one year.