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Aguilar retiring as Manteca’s police chief
Manteca Police Chief Mike Aguilar

Mike Aguilar is retiring as Manteca’s police chief by the end of the year.

Interim City Manager Toni Lundgren on Tuesday confirmed Aguilar’s plans to join his wife in retirement.

Lundgren said she will be working with the police chief to assure there is a smooth transition.

Aguilar has served as Manteca’s permanent police chief since June 2021.

Aguilar is the seventh permanent police chief to serve Manteca in the past 30 years. The others were Willie Weatherford, Richard Gregson, Charlie Halford, Dave Bricker, Nick Obligacion, and Jodie Estarziau.

All of them — except Gregson — rose from the ranks of the Manteca Police Department.

Two went on to be elected to the Manteca City Council, Weatherford and Halford. Weatherford eventually was elected, mayor and served for 12 years in that position — the longest tenure of any mayor in Manteca history.

 Aguilar has been a part of the Manteca Police force since August of 1997. He was promoted to captain in August of 2018. He was appointed Acting Chief of Police in November of 2019. He served in the role of Acting Chief of Police until retired Modesto Police Chief Mike Harden’s appointment as interim chief in August of 2020.

Aguilar again served as interim chief when the council elevated Harden to interim city manager.

When Aguilar was promoted to permanent police chief, he shared that, “in my 24 years here with Manteca PD, I have appreciated the community’s support of their local law enforcement staff. Our Police Department has always felt welcome here in the ‘Family City.’ “

By advising Lundgren of his intention to retire, it gives Manteca three months to start the process to search for a new police chief.

Typically, such searches — as well as the accompanying background checks and interview process — takes longer.  It is why there is likely to be an acting police chief appointed before the position is filled on a permanent basis.


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