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Ripon permitting sidewalk & outdoor dining

Spring is here and it’s the perfect time for Ripon eating establishments to take advantage of outdoor dining opportunities.

The City of Ripon made that announcement this week via online (

But in order to do so, businesses will be required to take out a permit to extend their operations on to the public sidewalk or on private property.

The cost is about $270, which, according to Planning Director Ken Zuidervaart at the January Ripon City Council meeting, accounts for “the added fee time for staff to process the application fee (which is) similar to that of the Sidewalk Vendor Permit."

From there, all sidewalk dining permits will be valid for one calendar year, expiring on Dec. 31 of the year in which the permits were issued.

The sidewalk dining permit has a $75 renewal fee.

In addition, businesses operating in the dining area will be asked to comply in good faith with the rules and regulations set forth in the ordinance.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses in town were allowed to operate outdoors under temporary waivers based on certain requirements of the Ripon Municipal Code.

Earlier this year, elected leaders, who rescinded an ordinance regarding outdoor dining within a public right-of-way, approved the amendments on sidewalk dining on public walkways.

Any business interested in taking advantage of the opportunity of the outdoor arrangements or in need of more information can contact Mitzi Johnston in the Planning Department (209.599.2108) or e-mail