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A book to help you decide where to go
Amber Campbell
Amber Campbell

Amber Campbell doesn’t want to see people “stuck” on the hamster wheel wondering why they aren’t going anywhere.

And she’s hoping that her book, “Fierce: The Power of Owning Your Journey,” will help them make strides towards achieving longstanding goals and breaking up the logjam of daily life that holds people back from reaching their true potential.

As part of a group of local residents that worked together towards putting their experiences down on paper and creating a practical book that people can use to better their lives, Campbell put her two decades of leadership experience to work to craft a strategic guide that incorporates easy-to-understand elements of process improvement and business strategy.

“It’s about helping individuals get to the next level in their career, their business, or on their personal journey by providing a 6-step plan to help them be intentional and move forward,” Campbell said of the book. “It is my opinion that many people have an overwhelming number of responsibilities, priorities, and ambitions, but are living each day over and over – like it’s Groundhog Day.

“By helping them get clear on their values and priorities, utilizing tangible tools to get organized, and developing communication skills and plans that are easy to execute on, they can move forward with the dreams that they’ve long put on the shelf.”

According to Campbell, the experience that many people have when it comes to moving up the corporate ladder or achieving goals that they long ago set for themselves is all too familiar – burdened with the responsibilities of daily life, they put off the things that they said that they were going to do and before too long those goals end up collecting dust.

Most people, she said, are overextended, involved in multiple projects, and are trying to balance work responsibilities with home responsibilities, and they find that their efforts towards going for the promotion at work or branching out and taking a big risk like starting their own business leaves them overwhelmed as they stand at the fork in the road.

But with the tools in the book, she said, they need not be afraid.

“This book will help you decide which way you go,” she said. “You have limited time and resources in your life, and you can’t be everything to everyone, so the first step in your journey is to get very clear on your values.

“Everybody has things that they say that they want to do, and with these tools you can take the steps towards achieving any of those things.” In fact, Fierce, the title of her book comes from the characterization many of her friends and family have had of her and she was inspired to name her book accordingly. Campbell states “the power is in what you tell yourself not what you tell others.”

When she isn’t busy with her corporate career for a Northern California healthcare provider or studying for her Doctorate in Business Administration, Campbell – a Manteca native that was deeply involved in the community growing up – is usually at home with three children or dreaming of a day when she can begin traveling the world once again.

In fact, that ability to get out and experience new things is one of the key elements of the plan that she details in her book, and the collaborative nature of working with other creative people in the writing process – listening to their experiences and their outlooks and learning from it, the same way one does when they travel – was instrumental in achieving the goal of publishing her own work.

“One of the six ‘C’s’ that I talk about is creativity – literally getting out of the logical mind and getting into the creative sense of yourself. You can develop your clarity of values on a beach somewhere, or on a mountaintop – it doesn’t have to be behind a desk – and you need that outlet in order to move forward, that’s one of the things that traveling does,” Campbell said. “For these readers I want to take everything that I have learned and help them achieve their dreams.

“I’ve always been this super ambitious kid that has had dreams – constantly thinking 10 or 20 years down the road – and that futuristic thinking isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone. I want them to be able to have a plan and execute on it – to actually, tangibly go after it.”

The book will be available both in an e-book and paperback format on Amazon on Dec. 6. It can be found by searching for the title, “Fierce: The Power of Owning Your Journey,” on the popular platform. For further questions or inquiries about her book you can email


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