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Brock Elliott, Neil Hafley & Nile Garden ceremonies
nile garden
Eighth graders at Nile Garden School gather together for one last time prior to their promotion ceremony.

The Manteca Unified School District held several more eighth grade promotion ceremonies this week.

The celebration and recognition ceremonies were held in the various courtyards and multipurpose buildings

Included were the following:

Brock Elliott School

Some 90 eighth graders were honored Thursday at the outdoor event consisting of speeches by Student Council President Mateo Cervantez, and fellow students Alyssa Carter and Khai Nguyen.

The school recognized the top academic students – those who achieved perfect 4.0 GPAs throughout the year – consisting of Joel Alavarez, Kenidee Bauer, Khamylle Bollengier, Cesar Hernandez Raygoza, Delicia Kivalu-Ahio, and William Schmitt.

Principal David Silveira welcomed those in attendance and provided the introductions.

The student introductions were made by Vice Principal Karen Olsen.

Neil Hafley School

Over 100 eighth-grade students at Neil Hafley School were recognized on Wednesday morning.

Some received honor cords for their academic accomplishments of the past year. Those who achieved perfect 4.0 GPAs – all three trimesters – included: Lola Alvarez, Ajaypriyan Arulkumar, Julianne Biscocho, Sebastian Brijil, Naomy Cervantes Gonzalez, Daniel Chavez, Camille Christensen, Donnie Cordoba-Nunez, Jordan Gonzalez, Maria Kalladanthyil, Atreyu Kunz, Janelle Marquez, Adriel Miranda, Andrew Rosales, Abhinoor Thind, and Julia Valenzuela.

 Those involved in the celebration program were Keiante Wakfield, Faith Nervis, Sofia Guerra Ochoa, Adesh Pooni, and Michelle Tang with welcome speech and Pledge of Allegiance; Ash Velasquez with Star-Spangled Banner and Hawk Mantra; Lola Alvare and Camille Christensen with staff introductions; and Gianna De Alba and Sage DeCosta with the Roll Call speech.

Principal Lori Guzman-Alvarez gave the closing remark to conclude this special day.

Nile Garden School

The Celebration Ceremony at Nile Garden School on Wednesday afternoon consisted of a little over 100 eighth graders.

They were recognized for their accomplishments of the past year not mention their time at the school.

The program consisted Lily Vasquez leading in the flag salute, Jessiah Serrano providing the opening remarks, and Paulina Zantillan introducing the dignitaries.

The student speakers were Aa Garcia (My Time at Nile), Ven Piedad (The Year), and Izaiah Garcia (The Class of 2024’s Future).

Principal Deobrah Noceti-Ward presented the classmates for their certificates of promotion while vice principals Alejandra Lopez and Tracy Beck presented the awards.

Dannica Branco had the honors of providing the acceptance of certificates and Haley Fox gave the concluding remarks.