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Builder acquires Ripon land approved for 47 homes
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The Pereira residential development project is a low-density single-family home subdivision planned along 12.5 acres, just north of Boesch Drive between North Ripon Road and John Roos Avenue.

At the Feb. 20 Ripon Planning Commission meeting, Planning Director Ken Zuidervaart said that the Pereira subdivision was recently assigned to JKB Living Inc. to serve as the builder for the construction of 47 homes.

The Ripon development is located northeast of Highway 99.

The Assignment and Assumption Agreement allowing JKB Living to purchase a portion of the Pereira residential development project as well as land from HPG Ripon Development LLC and Pereira Properties, a California general partnership, received the green light at the Feb. 13 Ripon City Council meeting.

The Pereira residential development project was initially approved in April 2020 – a Development Agreement took place back then consisting of the City of Ripon and HPG Ripon Development LLC, Pereira Properties, a California general partnership and Joint Tenants Gregory and Donna Miller, according to the report by Zuidervaart.

This past December, the City of Ripon received a request to assign the Pereira portion of the Development Agreement to JKB Living Inc.