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City now is saying Library Park birth ‘patently false’
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City of Manteca is labeling a claim by mayoral candidate Lei Ann Larson that a baby was born to a homeless woman on Sept. 8 at Library Park as “patently false”.

In a press release issued on Monday labeled “factual correction to September 8, 2022 allegation”, the city expanded on its initial response Friday to Larson’s assertions.

The release noted Larson  emailed the City Council, City Manager, and local media alleging that “last Thursday (Sept. 8), a homeless woman was forced to give birth in the park and her baby was lifeflighted [sic] because of the City's leadership failure.”

The release continues saying “the Manteca Bulletin covered this story on Saturday, Sept. 17, with the candidate alleging that this incident took place at Library Park in Manteca. The City of Manteca confirmed and followed up with the Manteca Fire Department, the Manteca Police Department, and local EMS on the above allegations. In response, the City and its departments can state with certainty that this allegation is patently false. No baby was born at Library Park on Sept. 8.”

“. . .  Instead, on Thursday, September 8, 2022, at 5:53 p.m., Manteca Fire responded to a medical call at a residence located off of Mountain Dew Avenue in Manteca. Prior to arriving on scene at the residence, the Manteca Fire Engine Company was advised that the call was for a pregnancy, and that the child had already been born. Upon arrival at the residence, the mother and baby were already in an ambulance receiving medical care, and they were ultimately transported to the hospital via ground transportation.”

Manteca Fire personnel accompanied the ambulance to Doctors Hospital.

The fire department on Monday clarified they never determined whether the infant was born at the residence, in the yard or elsewhere.

Larson stood by her information regarding the park birth by a homeless woman.

“Let’s just be really clear,” Larson said Monday, “I was told at (her campaign rally) that it happened.”

She said the birth as well as the baby’s eventual transport to an Oakland hospital was verified by a trusted source.

Larson said she is committed to making sure the baby has a good start in life.

Larson added she never meant to imply the baby had been life flighted directly from Library Park.

She has established a GoFundMe account ( dubbed “Welcome to the Family City baby!” to make sure the infant will have basic needs such as a car seat, diapers, clothing and such.

She and her husband made the first donation of $100 toward a stated goal of $2,000

As of Monday evening, that was the only donation that had been made.

The press release concluded that “medical calls of this nature – while not common – are not considered out of the ordinary. The City’s hope is to alleviate any concerns and misconceptions about how this incident was handled by the City, and remedy any misinformation and gross inaccuracies about an unsubstantiated incident at Library Park that did not take place. The Manteca Fire Department responds to over 10,000 calls annually, and treats every person with respect and dignity. The City of Manteca takes pride in our professionalism and dedication to our citizens.”