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Council makes appointments to various boards, committees
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The Ripon City Council recently approved the appointments of local and regional boards, commissions, task forces, and committees.

These assignments are conducted annually among the elected leaders, and are intended to “enhance the communication between council and city staff at the early phase of the development of significant items affecting public policy,” according to the resolution passed at the Jan. 9 meeting for the 2024 calendar year.

The local and regional boards and commissions (listed are those assigned along with some of the alternate members) include the Central Valley Division of League of California Executive Members (Dean Uecker, alternative Gary Barton), San Joaquin County Council of Government Executive Board (Leo Zuber, alternative), San Joaquin Integrated Solid Waste Management Board (Daniel de Graaf), LAFCO Board (Gary Barton), San Joaquin Partnership Board (Gary Barton), SJC Board of Supervisor’s Advisory Water Commission (Gary Barton, alternative Daniel de Graaf), and South San Joaquin Irrigation District Groundwater Sustainability Agency (Daniel de Graaf, alternate Gary Barton).

Mike Restuccia, alternative Dean Uecker, and the city administrator (Kevin Werner) and chief of police (Daniel Sauer) will make up the City / County Criminal Task Force.

As for the local committees, the Legislative Response, which reviews any proposed state or federal legislature, will consist of de Graaf, Restuccia, Werner and Sauer.

The Community Concerns & Public Engagement Committee will be made up of Zuber, Restuccia, and any of the following positions, as needed – Chief of Police, Public Works Director, Planning Director, and City Attorney.

The Code Enforcement Committee will consist of Zuber, Restuccia, Werner, Sauer, and Planning Director Ken Zuidervaart.

Housing & Loan, which relates to housing policies in town, is made up of Uecker, Restuccia, Werner, Zuidervaart, and City Clerk Lisa Roos.

Barton, Zuber, Werner, and Zuidervaart will sit on the Economic Development Committee while de Graaf, Restuccia, and the department heads (as needed) will sit on the Budget Development Committee.

The Swimming Pool Operations Committee is a joint agreement consisting of representatives from Ripon Unified and the City of Ripon. Assigned to that group are Zuber, alternate Uecker, Werner, and Recreation Director Kye Stevens.

Uecker, Werner, Steven, and a member of the public (to be determined) are serving on the Golf Course Committee.

Finally, there’s the Two-by-Two Committee. The purpose of the group is to meet with representatives of the various organizations in the area – namely, Ripon Unified, Ripon Chamber of Commerce, Ripon Chrisitan Schools, Ripon Consolidated Fired District, City of Manteca, and City of Lathrop – to discuss maters related to the coordination between agencies, concerns of an agency, or challenges an agency may be experiencing.

Those representing the city are Zuber, de Graaf, Werner, and City Attorney Thomas Terpstra.