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Deal allows 486 spaces for truck parking facility
truck park wrought iron

A proposed 486 space truck parking yard west of the 1,420-home Del Webb neighborhood won’t have restricted hours of operation if a deal hammered out by CenterPoint Properties and city staff is approved tonight by the Manteca City Council.

A tentative development agreement calls for CenterPoint to extend Intermodal Way to the truck parking yard to connect with Roth Road by no later than Aug. 18, 2024. In exchange the City Council would drop the requirement that the truck parking lot could only operate between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. There is expected to be an 18 to 24 month gap between when the truck yard becomes operational and Intermodal Way is extended.

The council imposed the restrictions on the hours of operations after nearby Del Webb residents objected to nighttime noise that a 24-hour truck yard would create if the city allowed trucks from the parking yard to use Airport Way past Del Webb to reach Roth Road instead of extending Intermodal Way.

The fact Union Pacific Railroad owned part of the right-of-way required for the road extension prompted CenterPoint to propose sending trucks onto Airport Way.

CenterPoint is now working with the railroad to get Intermodal Way constructed. Each entity would pay for their half of the street improvements. CenterPoint and UP are currently discussing whether the street should be a private or public road. At the same time CenterPoint is working on obtaining a permit required to cross the South San Joaquin Irrigation District canal.

Also to address safety and noise issues raised by residents and council members along Airport Way the proposed development agreement removes what was dubbed “Street A” running east-west south of Crothall Laundry to connect Intermodal Way’s future extension with Airport Way as well as place a traffic signal where it was proposed to T-intersect into Airport Way. The intersection with “Street A” would have been roughly 300 feet north of Lathrop Road. That road was not part of the original CenterPoint masterplan. When Daisywood Drive — the western entrance into the Del Webb neighborhood is added to the mix — it would have  create three signalized intersections in quick succession as is the case on East Yosemite Avenue from Button Avenue to Commerce/Northwoods Avenue.

CenterPoint representatives last year indicated they had 10 different buyers interested in acquiring the 16.12-acre truck parking facility once it was completed providing it did not have hours of operation restricted.

 An existing 153 space truck parking yard uses Intermodal Way to access Roth Road. Vans that are part of the Amazon Prime operation further south on Louise Avenue have been staging at the 153 space truck parking lot and using the street that runs south of 5.11 Tactical to go from Intermodal Way to Airport Way.

CenterPoint will also be required to put in place the western side of Airport Way along their property south of Crothall Laundry.

The developer has submitted plans for two more structures at 2205 North Airport Way that would be directly east of the proposed truck parking yard. The 8.5-acre project consists of a 51,832-square-foot warehouse and a 47,053-square-foot warehouse.


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