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Ex-councilman ponies up $50 in GoFundMe for Larson’s mayor race
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It was only a $50 campaign contribution for a candidate for Manteca’s mayor post but it has drawn more attraction than the record $5,000 donation in a previous race.

That’s because the donation to Lei Ann Larson’s GoFundMe appeal was made by former Councilman Richard Silverman.

Silverman was elected to the council in 2014. He opted not to seek re-election after serving one four-year term.

His donation caught the attention of city hall folks and those supporting various mayoral candidates that also include Councilman Gary Singh and Mayor Ben Cantu. The mayor’s race will be decided in voting on Nov. 8.

“People are reading too much into it,” Silverman said of his donation Wednesday after attending a fundraiser for Mike Morowit who is seeking election to the District 1 seat on the council representing Manteca north of Louise Avenue.

Silverman and Morowit were both elected in 2014. Morowit was unsuccessful in his re-election bid four years ago.

Silverman said Larson had reached out to home to seek is perspective on issues.

After that, he decided to donate to Larsons’s campaign. As of Wednesday, her GoFundMe account has collected $870 toward a stated goal of $50,000.

Silverman stressed that his donation should not be interpreted as an endorsement of Larson. Rather he’d like to make sure Larson has the ability to get her views across — of which he said he doesn’t agree with a number.

Silverman said Larson has started “late in the game” so she may end up lacking the resources to wage an effective campaign.

As such his financial support was more along the lines of helping assure the city has a robust and serious mayoral race. 

Silverman also noted that both he and Larson are registered Republicans.

He has served on the San Joaquin County Republican Party Committee. Silverman’s wife Linda is currently on the executive committee for the group.

Even though Singh is a Democrat, Silverman said he is considering making a small contribution to his campaign as well. Silverman served with Singh on the council.

Cantu is not on his list of possible candidates that he would donate money to their campaigns.

That rests primarily into the fact they have strongly disagreed over the years  with each other’s positions when it comes to Manteca’s needs and the direction the city is taking.


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