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Gas tax will pay for River Road overlay work
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The City of Ripon will receive state money to help pay for much-needed road repairs.

The Ripon City Council recently approved a funding resolution called Senate Bill 1 otherwise known as “The Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017.”

In doing so, staff was authorized to proceed with submitting the project list to the California Transportation Commission in order to begin receiving funds from the Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account for the fiscal year of 2019-20, according to Engineering Supervisor James Pease.

No discussion was necessary by the elected leaders at the April 9 monthly session.

“In order for the City to begin to receive apportionment for any given year, a proposed project list that includes a description, location, proposed schedule for completion and an estimated useful life of the improvement must be adopted by resolution and submitted to the CTC by May 1 of each year,” Pease said in his report.

SB 1 comes from increased per gallon fuel excise taxes coupled with increased diesel fuel sales taxes and vehicle registration fees, and addresses basic road maintenance, rehabilitation and critical safety needs on state highways not to mention local streets.

Ripon can expect to receive $262,294 apportionment of RMRA.

The projects listed for this year would be the River Road Overlay — between Jack Tone Road and North River Road — calling for repairing about 5,200 feet, isolated dig out and repair sections and striping, and the resurface project at Mulholand Drive, California Avenue, and surrounding areas.

Work for the latter would consist of micro-slurry and asphalt cape seal, isolated dig out, and repairing sections and striping.

The River Road Overlay Project carries a 15-year estimated useful life while the Mulholand/California Resurface Project has a 10-year estimated useful life.

Orange Avenue and Palm Avenue Resurface Project planned for 2020 also has a 10-year estimated useful life as does the Denise Drive / Bailey Drive Resurface Project scheduled for 2021.

Pease added: “The project list does not limit the flexibility the City has to fund projects in accordance with local needs and priorities so long as the projects are consistent with RMRA priorities.”