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Gas tax paying for rehab of 80 miles of I-5 in SJ County

Caltrans will repair more than 80 lane miles of Interstate 5 from Hammer Lane in the city of Stockton to the San Joaquin/ Sacramento County line, due to the additional gas tax funds.

“This section of I-5 endures a lot of wear and tear because it is a key route for the movement of people, goods and services throughout California,” said Caltrans Director Laurie Berman. “The repairs made to I-5 will ultimately improve traffic flow, providing motorists with a safer and smoother commute.”

More than 99,000 motorists per day use the roadway to reach their destination, and more than 16,000 truckers per day use this segment of I-5. The interstate is used daily by commuters traveling to and from the cities of Stockton, Lodi, Elk Grove and Sacramento, and truckers hauling commercial and agricultural goods to the businesses throughout San Joaquin County.

“Without this (Senate Bill 1) funded project, the pavement would continue to deteriorate, which would have a direct impact on travelers and result in costly maintenance repairs in the future,” said Caltrans District 10 Director Dennis T. Agar. “Providing a smooth roadway is imperative for truckers delivering their goods and traveling to and from the Port of Stockton. I-5 is also important to people commuting to work and college students, who attend San Joaquin Delta College or the University of the Pacific, who depend on this interstate.”

The $2.6 million project has been awarded to FBD Vanguard Construction of Livermore, California, who will focus on filling potholes, repair and replace various concrete sections and completing long-lasting repairs to restore the roadway and improve traffic safety.

Work is scheduled to begin June 4. It will take place during the night, Monday through Friday. Motorists should expect lane and ramp closures.