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Manteca: 6,786 housing units in pipeline
Homes under construction in South Manteca

Manteca now has 6,786 housing units in the development pipeline.

That could work out to 21,104 more people based on Manteca’s 2023 housing occupancy yield of 3.11 people per unit regardless of the housing type.

To put that in perspective, 21,104 more people is the equivalent of:

*almost the combined 23,963 population of Ripon (16,440) and Escalon (7,523).

*tripling the current population size of Escalon

*23.45 percent of Manteca’s current population of 90,000.

An additional 23,963 residents is more than the population of 8 of California’s 58 counties

Assuming growth flattens numerically, Manteca could end up building all 6,786 housing units in less than 10 years.

If that happens, it would put Manteca’s population at 111,000 by 2032.

A breakdown of the 6,786 housing units is as follows:

*2,256 units are ready for — or under — construction.

*2,522 units were approved in 2023.

*2,008 new units started being reviewed in 2023 and are moving toward approval.

*2,019 of the living units or apartments, or just under a third of the overall total.

Of the 2023 projects approved and those currently approved:
*1,536 are proposed for south of the 120 Bypass.

*710 are proposed for north of Lathrop Road.

*797 are proposed for east of Highway 99.

*476 are proposed in “central Manteca” between Highway 99, the 120 Bypass, Lathrop Road, and the Lathrop city limits. The bulk of those are along or near the Airport Way corridor.

Of the 2,256 units ready for — or under – construction, roughly two thirds are south of the 120 Bypass and a third southwest of Airport Way and Louise Avenue as well as apartments on Lathrop Road west of Union Road.


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