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Enough to boost the city’s population by 8,000 plus or 400 more people than the number residing in Escalon
new homes southwest
Taylor Morrison Homes under construction in Oakwood Trails in southwest Manteca features three different neighborhoods where home prices start at $570,00, $650,000, and $725,000 respectively.

Manteca since the start of the decade has issued permits to build 2,573 stand-alone homes.

Using Manteca’s overall yield per dwelling of 3.11 people regardless of the housing type, Manteca has added enough homes to increase the city’s population by at least 8,000.

That compares to the population of the City of Escalon, 10 miles east of Manteca via Highway 120, that has an estimated population of 7,581 people.

It is means Manteca in just under four years has added close to half the current population of Ripon that is pegged at 17,146.

The estimated growth in Manteca population growth excludes that from additional apartments that have been built since 2020.

Manteca in the first 11 months of this year has issued 516 single family home permits.

That’s down from  875 homes built in 2022.

It is even less than in 2021 when 677 homes were built.

However, it is enough to assure when this year ends, Manteca will surpass the 505 homes built in 2020.

Those 505 homes set the stage for Manteca to tie Tracy as California’s third fastest growing city among municipalities of 30,000 residents or more for 2021.

Based on tracking back to 1990, the 875 housing starts in Manteca during 2021 was the second highest behind 2000 when 1,074 permits were issued for single family homes. Last year bumped 2002 down to the third spot with 803.
 While housing starts have slowed somewhat, Manteca will still be positioned for single family housing growth.

That’s due to the Bay Area prices being much higher.

Also new developments with traditional free standing detached single family homes are scarce west of the Altamont Pass due to the lack of available land that makes projects pencil out.

Southwest Manteca is ground zero for current housing construction with four major developments underway.

Manteca has more than 8,000 single family homes in the development pipeline from those approved for development to those going through the entitlement process.


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