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Manteca offers pandemic rent payment help

Manteca residents unable to pay rent due to the pandemic emergency and who do not exceed certain household income limits can get assistance through the city’s COVID-19 Homeless Prevention Program.

The City Council in May tapped into $200,000 being sent by the federal government that is part of its share of the $5 billion Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act for the rental assistance program.

The city has contracted with Central Valley Housing to administer the program.

Applications for assistance can be completed and submitted on-line at Paper copies are available in printed version at the office of Love Inc. (965 E. Yosemite Ave., No. 25) and at the office of Manteca Rescue Mission (602 E. Yosemite Ave.).  Central Valley Housing can be contacted directly at and a package can be emailed, by telephone at 209-472-7200 ext. 100, or in person at 2431 W. March Lane #350 in Stockton.

The program can be accessed by persons that have suffered a substantial loss of income due to job loss, a reduction in work hours, the closure of their employer’s business during the pandemic emergency, missing work due to a minor child’s school closure or other “similarly-caused reason” of a loss income due to COVID-19 that has resulted in them not being able to pay rent.

Funds can only be used for rent including late fees associated with unpaid rent as well as basic utilities. Past due rent or utility bills prior to March 19 are not eligible for assistance.

To be eligible the household’s current income cannot exceed 80 percent of the area’s median income that varies based on household income and household size. As an example an applicant with three members in a household that includes themselves cannot have a monthly income exceeding $4,500 a month.

Offsets to loss of income such as unemployment, direct assistance, paid family sick leave, vacation pay, and disability pay will be counted toward income.

Eligible households can qualify for the assistance for up to three months as long as there is a demonstrated need and as long as funding is available. Monthly assistance requires re-evaluation of need.

Applicants must have been a resident of Manteca since at least February 1, 2020.  Documentation required includes a current rental agreement, evidence of loss of income due to COVID-19, income information from both before and after the loss of employment.  All assistance will be made payable to the appropriate vendor and not the household.

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