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Rotten Robbie seeking to open station on Airport Way corridor north of Bypass
rotten robbies
This is a photo of the Rotten Robbie station that opened in March of 2017 at 4200 Williams Road in San Jose.

Rotten Robbie is about to join the battle for Manteca gas and convenience store dollars.

The Santa Clara-based fueling station and convenience store wants to open its 35th location between the Mister Car Wash (formerly Prime Shine) and Wawona Avenue along the Airport Way corridor.

Rotten Robbie has a history of aggressive gas pricing. 

As an example on Monday in Santa Nella off of Interstate 5 in Merced County Rotten Robbie was selling gas at $3.45 a gallon — the same as Love’s — and just two cents higher than the lowest priced gas in the area that is $3.43 at an ARCO.

The proposed Rotten Robbie location is near the Manteca Costco that can always count on having the lowest price in the city. The Costco gas was selling at $3.29 a gallon as was Quicki Kleen on East Yosemite Avenue at Washington Avenue. The Costco gas is only available to Costco members.

Rotten Robbie will likely be competitive with that pricing when you use their free saver club card that can reduce your price to up to 10 cents a gallon less than what is posted. That’s because their card — as opposed to a bank card or credit card — avoid Rotten Robbie having to pay bank transaction fees. Those savings are passed to Rotten Robbie Saver Club members.

If Rotten Robbie does build it will be the sixth new or expanded gas station built in Manteca since last year after the city went a decade without any new fueling stations being built.

There are now 22 fueling stations in Manteca after two recently opened — the Chevron station and mini-market on South Main as well as the ARCO AM/PM on Daniels. Costco has also just completed the expansion of their fueling station.

There are two other gas stations now under construction. One is on North Main Street at the intersection of Lancaster Drive. It will consist of 12 gas pumps under a canopy and a 3,700-square-foot building that includes the convenience store and a suite of 1,728 square feet to be rented for retail purposes. There is also a second building with 5,858 square feet of retail space in four suites being built.

Work has stared on Manteca’s fourth ARCO, a 3,180-sqquare-foot AM/PM mini mart, a 2,500-square-foot fast food restaurant as well as a car wash on the southeast corner of Lathrop Road at Crestwood Avenue just west of the Highway 99/Lathrop Road interchange.

Once the two stations are completed and the Rotten Robbie station is built, Manteca will have 25 fueling locations.

That is in addition to four “alternative fueling sites.” 

Tesla is getting ready to put the finishing touches on its second SuperCharger station. It is going in along Spreckels Avenue in the Target parking lot. That is in addition to the Orchard Valley SuperCharger station in the Bass Pro Shops parking lot. The city has two electric car charging stations at the Manteca Transit station on Moffat Boulevard.

The city is also preparing to sell compressed liquefied gas from the food waste to fuel process at the wastewater treatment plant.

Community workshop regarding

proposed Rotten Robbie Dec. 11

The City of Manteca has scheduled a community meeting regarding the Rotten Robbie proposal to address concerns and questions raised by nearby residents. The meeting will take place on Wednesday, Dec. 11, at 6 p.m. at the Manteca Transit Center, 220 Moffat Blvd.

The station is proposed for 2.02 acres. It will include 16 pumps including 4 diesel vehicle pumps, a 6,240-square-foot passenger vehicle canopy, and a 4,800-square-foot convenience store. The Robinson Oil Corporation plans to operate the Manteca location 24/7.

Rotten Robbie locations are primarily in the Bay Area with Lakeport the farthest north location. The closest Bay Area station to Manteca is in Livermore.

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