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Police replacing Harley Davidson motorcycles
new bikes
This photo shows an Oceanside Police office on a BMW R1259 RT-P, similar to what Manteca Police’s traffic enforcement unit will be switching to. - photo by Photo Contributed

Sometime in the coming months if you commit a traffic infraction you may be pulled over by a Manteca Police traffic officer riding a BMW motorcycle.

The City Council Tuesday approved a plan to start transitioning the Manteca Police Department traffic unit motorcycles from Harley Davidsons to BMWs.

The move is being made in a bid for the city to be more cost effective and to enhance officer safety.

Among the more specific reasons for the transition:

BMW Motorcycles come to the department fully outfitted so there is less operational down time waiting for the bikes to be retrofitted.

They are able to use regular gas versus premium gas.

Have lower maintenance costs.

Have a longer expected useful life.

BMW has a better projected stopping distance complete with ABS with traction control making it safer for our office.

Funds to buy the initial BMW motorcycle that is similar to those used by the Ripon and Tracy police departments will cover the purchase of a police radio.

Given the Harley Davidson motorcycles have been purchased through a short term trade program, when the unit the first BMW will replace is returned, the city will receive about $10,000 to go toward the purchase of the new motorcycle.

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