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MUSD plans summer session to address remote learning loss
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Manteca Unified is planning a summer session in a bid to help students that have experienced learning loss due to distance learning.

Even though Manteca Unified is one of the few districts among California’s to return the bulk of its students to in person learning, there were still more than four months between two school years that large numbers of students struggled with remote learning via Internet classes.

Community Outreach Coordinator Victoria Brunn indicated details are still being worked out.

That said the district needs additional staffing to stage a summer session that is likely to have a significant enrollment. At the same time Manteca Unified is trying to hire personnel in advance for upcoming retirements so positions can be filled at the start of the 2021-2022 school year.

It is why Manteca Unified is now aggressively seeking job applicants.

The district needs multiple and single subject teachers, substitute teachers, school site assistants, custodians, office technical positions, and more.

Among the pluses Manteca Unified lists for working for for the district are:

*leading salaries in the area.

*contributions to medical, dental, and vision.

*digital learning has been deployed from transitional kindergarten through 12th grade with every student having a district-issues computer.

*an in-house teacher induction program.

The district for the past five years plus has pursued a policy of hiring teachers months in advance of the upcoming school year — often as early as February. That allows the district to do stable planning and the ability to start a school years without still scrambling for teachers.

It also takes away uncertainty for those looking for a teaching job for the upcoming school year. The district also will use those they hire in advance for the start of school during the current school year as substitute teachers if those individuals need employment during the current school year.

To view some of the job offerings go to or call either 209-825-3200 or 209-858-0860 for more information.


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