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MUSD will look into gun raffles that support school programs
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A gun raffle conducted at a crab feed by a booster group supporting East Union High athletics didn’t sit too well with some attendees.

And the concerns they raised as to whether it was appropriate to raise money by raffling off guns given the rash of shootings at schools in recent years is prompting the Manteca Unified School District to explore whether any amendments should be made to existing district regulations.

In a statement provided by the district Monday it was noted “as distinct legal entities, the Board of Education does not establish guidelines for fundraising activities conducted by Booster Auxiliary Organizations, however, activities may not conflict with law, board policies, or any school rules.”  

Handgun and hunting rifle raffles aren’t that uncommon at local fundraisers such as dinners were auctions and raffles are often conducted.

There have also been other Booster groups that support other schools in the district that have raffled guns off in the past to raise money.

California does not ban non-profits from raffling off firearms.

They, however, must follow strict state laws.

Organizations that conduct gun raffles have to have them stored — or brought into — a federal firearms license holder.

Once a winner is chosen, that person visits the store holding the gun. A background check is done before the gun can be claimed.

Fundraisers that benefit students within Manteca Unified are organized by Booster Auxiliary Organization groups. While these groups raise money for students, they are separate organizations from Manteca Unified, as reflected in MUSD Board Policy 1230.

The purpose of this Board Policy is to recognize that parents/guardians and community members may wish to organize parent organizations and/or booster clubs for the purpose of supporting district and extracurricular programs, such as athletic teams, musical groups, or debate teams.  

 Booster Auxiliary Organizations are registered nonprofit groups.

In MUSD, there are Booster Auxiliary groups at both the elementary and high school levels, including Parent Teacher Associations and Councils.  

 To fundraise for MUSD students, Booster groups must complete several district-required tasks before operating on any school site.

These requirements include completing an application with MUSD's Fiscal Services Department, providing proof of the group’s tax-exempt status determination letter under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3), providing a copy of the by-laws or charter of the organization identifying the purpose of the organization in relation to MUSD, and providing a copy of the group's Certification of Insurance with proper endorsements. 


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