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Peace walk Sunday at park where 71-year-old was beaten

Family and friends of Sahib Singh — the frail 71 year-old grandfather who was brutally attacked last week when taking his usual morning walk around his neighborhood park — want to make sure Manteca as a community keeps focused on “what’s right.”

They also want to make sure Singh will not fear venturing back out to Graystone Park for his daily walks once he recovers from his injuries.

To work toward those dual goals they are organizing a peace walk this Sunday at 6 p.m. at the park located southeast of the intersection of Louise Avenue and Union Road. They are inviting the Manteca community to participate.

It will involve four trips around the park’s perimeter just as Singh has done for a number of years on a daily basis.

Each lap will be dedicated to one of four goals they are hoping to work toward in Manteca — the first lap will be dedicated to peace, the second lap to love, the third lap to respect, and the fourth lap to unity.

“There is a lot of stuff being said on social media that’s not right,” said Manteca Councilman Gary Singh who is helping organize the informal peace walk. “The goal is to calm (everyone) down.”

He said the 71-year-old’s family and friends and equally concerned about those calling for retribution toward the 18-year-old and juvenile arrested in the attack in comments they have posted as well as bigoted and racist posting made about race and faith.

They noted a lot of non-Manteca postings have been made on social media as well as some from local individuals that conflict significantly with the concepts of “peace, love, respect, and unity.”

“There have been more than a few unkind comments made,” the councilman said. “This is not a Sikh thing, a Black thing, or any other thing. It’s about (living together as a community.)”

Already a number of people from neighborhoods elsewhere in Manteca have ventured to Greystone Park to walk around it to show support for the beating victim.

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