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Pick your own fresh apples on weekend
apple bite
Alex Chinchiolo bites into a freshly picked organic apple at Lucky You orchard.

You can drop by Lucky You Orchard in rural Ripon any Saturday or Sunday this month or in October between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. to find out how good a fresh early season organic Fuji apple tastes.

The Chinchiolo  family — Steve, daughter Andrea as well as sons Alex and Adam — have opened up their orchard at 21611 Carrolton Avenue just north of River Road for those seeking u-pick adventure.

 There’s no admission to the orchard. It’s free. So are the tractor rides.

The Chinchiolo  family  grows four varieties of organic apples — Galas, Early Fujis, Granny Smith, and Pink Lady.

Early Fujis tend to be the most popular thanks to being crunchy and sweet. But as any connoisseur of apples knows there are dozens of popular apple varieties with their own unique taste going from sweet to tart as well as what they are ideal for creating in the kitchen.

Family members and their orchard team are more than happy to explain the differences as well as answer any and all questions you have about how apples are grown and how an orchard operates.

How it works is simple.

Lucky You orchards provides you a basket and a few quick tips before you head out to roam the orchard to pick your fruit.

All fruit picked is charged $2.99 a pound.

Pre-picked fruit is also available for sale.

You are welcome to take photos and even bring your own picnic lunch.

If you head out to the orchard keep in mind to wear sturdy shoes and use sun block, perhaps sun hats, and bug spray for the occasional mosquito. Bring water.

Families also like to bring a blanket and relax after picking. They ask that you keep your pets at home.

 More information about Lucky You Orchard can be found by going to