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A quick study: After mastering new language, Flores takes on rigorous courses
Alan Gaspar Flores in class.


The Tower 

Alan Gaspar Flores found himself in a new country and a new classroom with just six weeks left in the school year. He was surrounded by a sea of new faces, drowning in a foreign language.

One day, as the class quieted down, the teacher tossed Flores a lifeline. The teacher asked if there were any Spanish speakers in the room willing to help the new student, whose first experience with the American educational system was frustrating and discouraging.

In a split-second, Flores’ outlook changed.

A fellow student raised his hand, eager to befriend this new peer. From that moment on, Gaspar’s English improved rapidly and his love for education deepened with every new challenge. He was able to perfect the English language in two years and has opted for more rigorous high school courses, including AP English, AP Biology, Pre-Calculus and AP Spanish. 

Flores’ story is remarkable but all too familiar on a campus teeming with Hispanis students. He had to navigate the difficulties of overcoming a language barrier and getting accustomed to a new land and its culture. 

“Alan is a smart, funny, and kind kid. He is always on top of everything and is willing to lend a hand to whoever needs it,” said Fatima Ridoloso, Flores’ AP Spanish teacher at Manteca High School. 

Armed with confidence, Gaspar confronts each challenge head-on. He has found joy in learning and personal growth.

The Tower interviewed Alan Gaspar Flores about the challenges he’s faced since moving to the United State and how he’s learned to overcome them. 

THE TOWER: Where were you born? 

ALAN GASPAR FLORES: I was born in Monterrey de Nuevo Leon in Mexico.  

TT: Was it difficult to move to a different country?  

AGF: It was difficult at first, but I adapted to the change pretty quickly. 

TT: How old were you when you moved? 

AGF: I was about 8 to 9 years old. 

TT: Was it difficult to experience a new school, such as high school? 

AGF: It was difficult at first but then I started getting accustomed to its environment because the school was full of Spanish speakers, which made things much easier. 

TT: What is your opinion of high school as of right now? 

AGF:  It’s a lot of studying and a lot of hard work, but I believe it will be worth it at the end. 

TT: Do you think that education is important especially as an immigrant? 

AGF: I believe that it is. 

TT: What does your current course load consist of? 

AGF: As of right now, I am currently taking Pre-Calculus, AP English, AP Biology and AP Spanish.

TT: What are your plans after high school? 

AGF: After high school, my intention is to attend a two-year college initially and then transfer to a four-year college.